03 February 2013

Reia's 1 1/2 Year Update!

My big baby is 1 and a half years old today! So much has happened with her since her last update so let's just get straight into it!

She sings along to songs she knows. Some of her favs are: Row Row Row Your Boat, the Alphabet song, If You’re Happy and You Know It, 大きな栗の木の下で, おもちゃのチャチャチャ, ぞうさん, 頭肩膝ポン!

She calls Jun, Ericca, and I "Nana" or "Mama." 
She can also say:
  • Yes
  • Amen (And can say her own little prayer. Food is such a great incentive:P)
  • All done
  • Douzo - どうぞ
  • Ah-toh (which means arigatou, complete with a bow) ありがとう
  • Are - あれ
  • Genki - げんき
  • Please (sounds like cheee)
  • Cheese
  • Mama
  • Bye bye
  • Koko - ここ
  • Elmo - sounds more like Elo
  • She puts her hands together and says the TA for Gochisou sama deshiTA! (What we say when we finish a meal)   
She is at the stage where everything is a learning experience. I am so amazed at her growth and understanding of what I'm saying!
She can answer to Yes/No questions. 
She can sign the words sleepy, milk, please, more, kiss, bye bye, hungry, and bath time.
She loves DVD's, choosing the DVD, and pushing the buttons on the DVD player.
She will flap her arms up and down and say nana! nana! to get my attention.
If she wants me to pick her up she will strain her face and arms and stick them out at me.
She can give "big hugs" and kisses on demand.
She sleeps through the night and only wakes if her nappy is full. We all sleep together in the same room on futons like a typical Japanese family, so it's really easy for me to get to her if she wakes.
She loves to dance :)
She knows how to work the camera already!
She always brings her soft toys to me and isn't satisfied until I make them sing "Oma Rapeti." I've gotten quite a few looks when I get up to the "Bang! Bang! Bang!" part hahaha
She likes to feed other people.
She babbles and has conversations that I am dying to understand!
She is shy when she first meets new people but warms up to them after a while.
She can sing along to some songs on the kids tv channel.
She loves books and words.
She likes being chased around the kitchen table.
She gives me her rubbish and plates when she's done.
She has really dry skin and sometimes breaks out into rashes :(
She is fascinated by other children and doesn't quite know how to socialize yet. She just laughs a lot around them and hopes that'll do it.
She absolutely loves cheese.
She has a playlist on Youtube of her fav songs and if she wants to watch it she says cha cha! That is the first song on the playlist. I found her watching it like this yesterday lol
She's been sticking her fingers up her nose lately, and mine while I'm asleep :/
She is old enough to go to nursery! She has been going for a while now but it's official tomorrow! She cries when I leave and it takes her a while to calm down, but once she does, she forgets she has parents lol. Hoping she'll get used to it soon!
She does this funny hop step walk sometimes and when she's excited she flails her arms all over the place!
I am loving this stage right now :) She is used to her routine and can communicate enough to get what she wants. Don't get me wrong, she likes to test the waters and will ignore what I say sometimes, but I don't want her to grow anymore! >_<
Her Great Grandma knit her this cute outfit!
I am so looking forward to seeing what will happen this July when we have another baby :) She will be a big sister! I think she will do a fantastic job of taking care of her new brother or sister :D

We love you baby <3


  1. aaaawwwww what a smart cookie Reia. such growth and developement in just 6mnths. onya babe!! ma:)

  2. thats awesum dannnnnn can't wait for july as well its going to be sooo cute keeping up with you makises!!! Love the update! Happy 1.5 Reia! xx Aunty Cori xx

  3. Wahhhh I miss her so much! I want to see her do all these things!

  4. Shes so big now!!!! Shes so cute! and her hair is long az. Kohana is still bald hahaha. Yay for hapa babies!

  5. Awwww She's so beautiful Dani!!! And congrats on being pregnant with #2!