14 December 2013

Aila is 5 Months

Aila rolled over for the first time this month! Not long after her 4th month mark, she started rolling over from tummy to back with the help of a pillow to lie on to begin with. She isn't rolling all over the place yet, but its a start. She is also trying to get mobile now, so she'll being her knees up to her chest and kind of face skid/squirm forward lol. So much fun watching her achieve her first goals in life! She is very textbook. I say this because every time I get my monthly updates from babycenter.com, she is for the most part right on pah with what is being said. I will get an update on how my baby might be developing and a week later, she is right on track! For example, raspberries. In my last update, the newsletter said that it is a good way to develop speech, I think, and she has been at that non stop for the past couple days. She is also very vocal and will just talk or laugh to herself. She falls asleep watching me exercise. Hmmm.... Not sure what to make of that yet.

Her laugh is so funny because her facials don't change at all, but the sound comes out. She is also very ticklish on her chest. Reia was ticklish on her lower back but didn't like being tickled there. She also finally found her thumb to suck on! Usually she would suck on her fist or fingers and make a slobbery mess, but she finally found her thumb! She has always hated the dummy and would chew on it rather than suck. I would rather she didn't make a habit of it though.
Her favorite game is definitely peekaboo with a blanket. She gets a rush from the wind, which can be a but too much sometimes, but when it's with a blanket she is a very happy girl. 
She has definitely grown since last month, weighing in at  9kg! Every week at church, I am told how much bigger she has grown since the last. I thought for sure that she would be my skinny Asian baby because she had the skinniest legs at birth and was so tiny looking even though her and Reia weighed pretty much the same weight. But that soon changed! I'm glad she has these chubby cheeks and chubby thighs. She is so much more cuddley :) 

What's amazing to me is how different every baby is born. They are each born with their own little personality! Even though I am raising my two girls pretty similarly, they are such different spirits. I used to think that a persons personality was the result of their upbringing in the home, which may be partly true. But what amazes me is what the child brings to the home first. I love watching my girls interact with each other and seeing their individuality shine through. 

Jun and his parents come to New Zealand from Japan next week! Exciting to be together again! We can finally have a Christmas in New Zealand in the summer time together with a REAL Christmas tree and daylight until 9 at night! Haven't had one if these since 2008 so I am loving it :) 

Merry Christmas from us!

Aila is 4 Months!

Aila is now 4 months and is showing a lot more control. She can go longer between feeds and is so much more alert of the things going on around her. She has started looking at her hands and will just stare at them lol. She knows Reia's face now and definitely mine and will cry if I leave her. She still has the most chubbiest cheeks! When she is on her tummy, she will lean to the side which is a good sign that she may roll over soon! It amazes me how Aila is so curious and is eager to explore her surroundings.

She still wakes once a night, which is fine with me. I would get plenty of sleep if I didn't stay up until 2am enjoying my free time watching movies. There are days when I cannot cope with the tiredness and headaches which makes being in NZ with my family such a blessing. We Skype with Jun as much as we can but still don't get to talk as much as we'd like to. When I wake up, he is fast asleep, and when I go to bed, he is coming home from work. So it is a bit hard but sometimes we catch each other right before he takes off to work.

Aila has developed a bald patch on the back of her head from turning side to side. Not so cute lol. She  also, since she was born, balls her hands into tight little fists which requires constant cleaning. She still hasn't taken to the dummy or bottle very well and would much rather prefer the real thing. She sounds just like her Aunty Ric when she was a baby!

I noticed that she has quite a low and wide frenulum (the tissue connecting the top lip and gum) and am slightly concerned that it may interfere with her adult teeth and speech development in the future. An ENT Specialst said that its nothing to worry about and that it corrects itself, but I am going to keep and eye on it anyway and hope he is right!

Aila is full of smiles and giggles and will just light up when she sees my face or hears my voice, it is adorable! She is pretty generous with the smiles when she is being held by her grandparents too. I see her being a little social butterfly in the future :)

Reia's English has improved so much since we have been here. Being surrounded by the language really worked wonders compared to living in Japan. We took the girls to McDonalds and Reia made a freind with a cute Indian girl who helped her down the slide. I was so glad to finally seeing her play with other kids! It was funny watching her interact though. If another kid would come on the slide the same time as her she would shout "Share!" and run away. I'm not sure if she meant for them to share of if she wanted to share. The phrase she took away from the play ground was "You can't catch me!" as all the kids chanted that playing tiggy. She also likes to say how about .........., or try it! She has started stringing long sentences together and speaks with such conviction, but it usually just sounds like bla bla shoes bla bla bla outside! If I tell her off or say she can't do/have something she pouts her lips and sighs "why me!" LOL She got that from The Emperoros New Groove.

As for me, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, Aunt Flow is still on vacay and my hair is starting to fall out :( The down falls of post pregnancy! But still doing great. Having my family here to help me out has been such a blessing! I am so glad that my girls get to bond with my own family before we take off to Japan because we may not be visiting again for a while. 

One more month to go in the land of the long white cloud!


20 October 2013

Aila is 3 Months

She is 3 months going on 1 year! Even though she is still only 3 months old, she has had a significant growth spurt and looks nearly 6 months. She is sooo chubby and bubbly. She definitely knows who is who in my family. I always greet her in my Mummy voice with "Aila〜 Hello〜!" And she perks up straight away and responds with a big smile! She hasn't quite been in stitches with laughter yet, but I have heard some pretty decent crack ups from her. And I'm not talking about the giggle, I'm talking about a real decent LAUGH! I think it was about this time that Reia had her first bout of giggles.

Aila loves tummy time a lot more than Reia and already has a lot of neck control, so I think that she will be crawling a lot earlier. She is growing out of the swaddling phase, has grown out of all her 3 month clothing and is wearing her 6 month stuff. She loves attention, but what baby doesn't! She wakes up still about once a night. I still think she is teething... but no real sign of a tooth, just a lot of drool. It just seems that whenever I apply bonjela, she calms right down so I think something is going on there. She had her 3 month immunizations shots and cried, but not for too long and calmed down by herself. I am hoping to her her 5 months done before we leave NZ so there is no confusion with the different immunization systems here and in Japan. Aila can sleep along time when it is dead quite, but can be pretty sensitive to noise so I have to separate Reia from her so she can can a decent sleep. All the YSA girls just love holding her :) which helps me a lot too! She has a lot of admirers ;)

She is pretty good with tummy time and can last a lot longer than Reia ever could! We is now about 7kg and 61cm long, head is 41cm which puts her above average near the 90 percentile somewhere. 

She can scream when she wants to! It takes a few minutes to calm her down, but what works for me is the ol' pat on the back and the Shhh in the ear. 

She is growing fantastically and is such a delight to be around :)

19 September 2013

Aila is 2 Months ^_^

My little baby is now an 8 weeker. We have found a rhythm to our daily routine and are doing great!
Reia can be two minds about her new sister. Sometimes she wants to hold Aila or mimick her, and other times she gets a bit jealous and when I'm attending to the baby's cries and will start crying herself. It is very hard to give each child equal amounts of attention! I still don't know how to balance them.

Before I had Aila, I was worried that I wouldn't love her as much as I did Reia because Reia was my whole world at that time. But then once I had Aila and we had bonded a bit, I started to worry about how I was going to spend more time with Reia and show her that I still love her the same amount if not more than before. I love them both to bits but at this point in time, Aila needs me to take care of her whereas Reia can kinda take care of herself now. I guess what I need to do is explain things more to Reia when I am taking care of her sister and help her feel more involved so that she can bond with Aila and eventually be best buddies!

One time, Aila was so tired but just couldn't settle down and so I let her cry it out for 15 minutes, she fell asleep, and since then she has been so much better at being by herself and putting herself to sleep! Sometimes she does need some help but it is such a big improvement. She recognizes the different people that hold her. I always say Helloooo to her and she will immediately perk up and start smiling as if to say hi back! She has also been cooing and gurgling a lot more and has found her voice a lot faster than Reia did. She is very strong and will hold her neck on her own when she is upright, but still needs work during tummy time. 
She sleeps for about 4 hours during the night which is fine with me, I'm not too tired. But every now and then, I need a big nap to get my energy back up. The Plunket nurse came yesterday and Aila is now 6.5 kg! She is filling out and is so cute. She looks a lot like Ric when she as a baby. We has also developed cradle cap on her scalp so I am soaking it with coconut oil and washing and brushing it out every other day. Her skin is a but dry, but so is all of ours, so I need to moisture her more often. 

Reia just finished her 3 day potty training boot camp! She did so well! I was a but nervous and unsure about starting, but she picked it up really fast and there is no going back. Day one she had a few accidents but with the potty in the room and our hot dog dance we did afterwards (thanks Micky Mouse!) she cottoned on. Day two was better and she had 2 half-out, half-in potty accidents. We took her nappy off and went to the park with a goal of making it back home without any accidents, and we did! We made sure to sit her on the potty before and after we got back. It was a success and I think she felt a sense of accomplishment. Day three, today, was even better! No accidents, two outings with no nappy on, both successful, and she started telling us that she needed to go by saying unchi instead of just gong by herself. This will help her tell us in the future when we are out doing something. Tomorrow we start with knickers! We still use nappies for naps and bedtime and will slowly phase them out once she wakes up dry a couple times. 

Spring is here and day light savings has started. It is already getting nice and warm and I can't wait to take my babies to the beach!

Reia and Aila are both growing into beautiful healthy girls. Couldn't be prouder or more in love with them :)


20 August 2013

Aila's 1st Month

Our second precious angel is now a month old :) She was such a tiny wee thing when she came out and has definitely put on the beef since then! Her face has filled out and bit and her features are much more prominent. When she came out she was all swollen and her left eye was all weepy, but all that has gone now. 

It has been so nice being home because of all the help that I get with the kids. Of course we miss Daddy every day, but in all seriousness, he works all day and doesn't get to come back home until about 8:30 at night and if I had stayed in Japan, I think I would be in a very different state O_O

The usual routine for Aila Dawn is wake up for the day around 9am which is when Reia wakes up anyway and which is also when I am ready to get out of bed after the interrupted sleep the night before. I will feed her and then give her to Mum, the lifesaver who will take over for a while while I organize Reia. And then we will exchange her back and forth until about dinner time. Pup gets home around then and she goes with him while I organize Reia for dinner and bed. Everyone has their own techniques with her that works for them.  Pup likes to swaddle her and pats her bum to calm her down. Mum likes to cradle her on her tummy which she seems to enjoy. I like her up on my shoulder and will shhh in her ear to calm her down. And that is pretty much it! We like to play pass the parcel with her which gives the grandparents ample bonding time, and me a lot of help and some rest! It is awesome :) Ericca helps heaps with Reia and takes her when I am catering to Aila and Stef helps out here and there too. I love our little team <3

At Aila's last weigh in, she was 4410 grams. 
She tracks things with her eyes.
She smiles, giggles, and coo's.
She wakes about 2 times a night and I get in about 6 hours of sleep.
She has a natural mini mohawk :)
She has already too big for the newborn size nappies and up one size.
When she is really tired, her eyes with roll back and her eyelids will flutter which is pretty crack up to watch.
Her eyebrows are starting to darken now, adding more to her little features.
She has cute little pointy ears compared to Reia's round ears, and a cute little chin! 
She doesn't have any Mongolian blue spots, unlike Reia.

She is developing wonderfully and I can't wait to see what she will look like in a couple years!

02 August 2013

Reia Turns 2

I can't believe another year has flow by again and our little baby is now a toddler! Two years old! She's not a baby anymore!

Just a little on her development, she is stringing words together i.e. I did it, I found it, this way, that way, I'm sad. She definitely knows all the words she needs to relay what she wants. she has a few names for me. Mummy, mum, and my favourite, Dan. She has started to get a little clingy now that she has a younger sister and sees that her time with me has been split in two. Her favourite food would have to be ice cream. She currently likes Anpanman, The Wiggles, and everything on the Disney channel and Nick Jr and can sing every opening theme song on cue. 

Her birthday was on a Friday this year and mostly everyone had work and so we did the Huysmans tradition and had cake and breakfast and opened up prezzies. Jun was in Osaka with the rest of his family for his sisters wedding, so he couldn't be there, but that was okay. 

We ended up having a little pink party for her with pink balloons, fairy bread, ice cream cake, raspberry jelly, apples, strawberry milk, and smarties. Not the healthiest breakfast, but hey, it is only once a year and it makes for good photos :P

I woke her up, got her dressed into something pink and took her upstairs. She was still half asleep and didn't know what was going on. Couldn't get a smile out of her until after all the festivities lol. We sang happy birthday, blew out the candles, and the whole time all she wanted to do was goose guard the smarties and eat them all by herself. 

Then it was present time! She wasn't quite sure what she was supposed to do when it came to the unwrapping but caught on at the end. I had been saving up little presents to give to her since we were back in Japan. There was this little deer toy in the baby store that she would ALWAYS run to and play with that I stashed away to bring to NZ with us. You push buttons and it says phrases in Japanese. It is actually quite annoying lol. She also got a play dough set, tea cup set, bubble wands (which she LOVES and always wants to play with), a kinder surprise (for some reason she likes to watch kinder surprise review videos on youtube lol) and she knew exactly what to do when she saw it, a few soft toys, clothes, and a little tricycle. She is still a bit short for it and can't quite push the pedals yet but likes to be pushed around on it.

Pup, Ric, and Stef had work so it was just her, Aila, Mum, and I for the day. We were going to take her to Lollipops Playland, but he weather was bad and she was having the time of her life with all her new toys anyway, so we just stayed home. 

The next day, however, we all jumped in the car and went to Western Springs to let her run around for a bit. We were armed with the bubbles which was not only a hit with Reia, but with all the other kids that were in the park. We had a few that chased after them yelling "Pop!" I remember thinking that it is nice for Reia to be learning English words at home like pop and then hearing them in the real world, because that doesn't happen in Japan. We looked at all the ducks and geese and then headed over to the playground. She had a great time running around with Opa and Aunty Ric on the playground :) Afterwards, we just stopped at McDonald's and had a feed and she had her first ever happy meal. 

Everyone was tired after that and so we came back home and had a nap. She had a very good day, and even though we missed her Daddy very much, she was just happy to be with family :) 

22 July 2013

Aila Dawn Makise - 20 July 2013

After a pretty dramatic and memorable delivery, we welcomed our second little princess, Aila Dawn Makise, to the world. Born on the 20th of July at 1:15pm, she came out at 3310g and 49cm long.

Her delivery was so quick and things happened so fast, I jotted down all the events when I was in hospital.
This is what I remember:

OK! So I had been getting some mild contractions throughout the night so I knew Saturday was the day! But they were all over the place and stayed 30 seconds long every 15-30 mins. Then they got down to 30 secs every 2-7 mins but as u know they need to be 1 min long. I had a shower when they got really sore and moaned and groaned for a bit and I think that was at 12pm? Then finally my 1 min long contraction came at 12:50ish so called the midwife and she asked if I thought I could handle anymore at home. I thought I could, so I stayed but called her again at 12:59 coz my family knew I birth fast and they wanted to go to the hospital. So they were hurrying to get things packed and wen they came to get me I could fully feel baby's head right there and I thought, uh oh I'm not gonna make it! But Pup reckoned I could so Ric and Mum scooped me up and helped me to the car coz my legs weren't working at all. Stef, Ric, and Reia took one car and Mum, Pup and I took the other and I was on my knees facing the boot and leaning over the back seat the whole way gripping on to anything I could get a hold of! Mum was next to me applying pressure and my dad was speeding to the hospital which is about 15 minutes away, but 10 if u drive super fast and use the bus lanes (whoops!). About half way there, I really start to feel baby's head crowning and really need to push but I realize I'm still in the car and try to resist! But my body takes over and I push like 3 small pushes and I'm yelling THE BABY IS COMING! I CAN FEEL HER HEAD!! I'M NOT GONNA MAKE IT! etc lol and then my body decides it really wants to push and Pup is saying we are at the last set of lights! And so I push and my waters break and Mum's yelling at him HER WATERS BROKE! And I could tell he was feeling the pressure to get us to the hospital in time. The last stretch seemed like the longest. Had to get through the ticket booth and I found out afterwards that we had to back track coz Pup took a wrong turn lol. We pull up to the emergency doors and by this time baby's head was fully crowning and I knew there was no way I would be able to get upstairs to the birthing suite. Pup takes off going to find a wheel chair but I know there's no point. Ric jumps out from the other car and runs inside to get help. Stef stays with Reia who has fallen asleep amidst the chaos. Ric said she ran upstairs telling everyone and anyone MY SISTER'S GIVING BIRTH IN THE CAR! The nurse behind the desk flipped a switch (Code Blue) and nurses ran out and followed Ric back downstairs. Meanwhile, it's just me and Mum in the car and baby's head is half way out and she asked me if I wanted to take my pants off. So we just ripped off my pants and baby was right there and not slowing down for anyone! I lay on the back seat, legs up, Mum was at the other end, and I felt this huge urge to push, but I don't. I resist and hold my breath! And my body just squeezed her out itself! This was around 1:15. Total pushing time was something ridiculous like 5-7 minutes! Mum had it in her mind that nurses would be there by then but they weren't so she was frazzled. And baby just slid out. Mum caught her and put her straight on my chest, but there was nothing to cover her with. Next thing ya know, doors open and the nurses swoop in and start wiping baby down. They cut the cord and take her away to make sure shes breathing okay. Even though I feel strangely calm and mostly relieved, I start shivering and shaking because of shock. So I get wrapped up and wheeled upstairs. I met my midwife on the way and she sussed out the rest. And that is how Aila Dawn entered the world! Next time I think I might just stay at home :)

After a bit of analysis, giving birth this time around wasn't that bad! Of course it hurt during contractions and the actual birth itself, but I think because my contractions during active labour were fairly spaced apart, they were manageable and I could rest in between which made it easier. Active labour was also shorter than last time so it was over and done with faster than I expected. I knew that it would be quick, but I didn't expect pushing time to be 5 minutes! When Aila came out, I remember feeling a huge sense of relief. All of that pressure was gone in an instant and I felt so relieved and relaxed! Something that was new though were the cramps afterwards. I had never had them before and I got them when I breastfed. They weren't too bad but I could definitely do without them. My body did go into shock afterwards which was funny. My mind was completely relaxed but my body was shivering and shaking and I couldn't stop it lol. I recovered faster than last time too which was nice. Overall, it was a good experience. If the next baby is delivered at home, Oma will be much more prepared :) 


06 July 2013

My 23 Month Old

Our little girl is growing up so fast. Only a month left before she becomes 2! She is seriously amazing and so so clever.

She has definitely picked up English very quickly since we have been here and has added quite a few new words to her word bank.
The latest ones are: hot, there she is, orange, come, coming, wait, eat, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, cat, mum, flower, goodnight, love you, sock, play dough, and... boobies.
In Japanese: nashi, jaa ne, mikan, hana, meme, mimi, kuchi, and hana (flower).
The latest songs are: do as I'm doing, head shoulders knees and toes, bingo, twinkle twinkle, fruit salad, goshushu no shu.

She looooves watching mickey mouse clubhouse and could sit and watch it all day. She is also interested in anpanman even though she has never warched that show. She is really into cooking now and will constantly be making fruit salad with bowls and fruit! Of course she sings the wiggles version as she goes, it's really cute.

She is also testing boundaries and will say her fav word "no" repeatidly to try and get her way but mummy doesn't give in to that sort of thing lol.

Potty trainig is slow. She doesn't mind going on the potty, the problem is that she doesn't tell me when she needs to go. Once that happens I'm hoping it'll click very quickly.

My fav moments with her have to be at bed time. She will curl up to me, hold my hand or lie on my hand just to be close to me awwwwww so cute!

She is growing up so fast, I can't keep up with all the changes!

Loving every bit of raising this munchkin :)

26 June 2013

Week 36 of Baby Number Two

I can feel my face getting plumper by the day now. My belly has made quite some progress since I first arrived in NZ a month ago, which is good. At least I look pregnant now and not just fat lol.

I had a case of leg cramps the other week which was pretty painful! Usually I can catch it and stretch it out before it locks up, but I was asleep when it happened so I didn't make it. Man did it hurt! I've never had a cramp like that before where u can't do anything and have to wait for it to subside on it's own. What was worse was when it happened I was sleeping so when I woke up I was disorientated and didn't know which way to flex my toe. I think I might have flexed the wrong way and made it worse lol. I couldn't apply any pressure on it the whole day after that. My midwife suggested I snack on pumpkin seeds to help with that.

I had a baby brain moment yesterday which is pretty noteworthy on account of it being kind of embarrassing. I went to wash my face with facewash last night and as I was washing my face I noticed that the fruity scent of the soap smelled strangely familiar. Kind of like my hand soap by the sink... Lo and behold, I had just given myself a facial of antibacterial goodness. It probably even did my skin some good, but geez, you know you've lost it when you start washing your face with hand soap, or when you wash your face again because you aren't sure if imagined washing it 5 minutes ago or not. I used to have a pretty good memory and know where everything is, or remember small things like cooking rice and not forgetting that and then cook pasta as well. But now, I'm hopeless! Can't wait for the fog to lift so I can go back to washing my face with neutrogena face wash and not pamolive hand soap.

Last pregnancy I climbed up to 90kgs. I have just reached the 80kg mark so this pregnancy I am doing better, but I know if I hadn't stuffed my face with chocolate this past month I would probably still be in the 70's. Is it bad that I am relying on breastfeeding to help melt away the baby fat?

I just developed a cold this past week so I'm hoping to recover from it soon!
Reia is doing well and absolutely loves running around in the grass and terrorizing the cat. It is going to be bittersweet when we leave for Japan but is nice to know we can always visit.

Only 4 weeks to go!

13 June 2013

Pregnancy So Far (Week 34)

Not too long to go now! It's been a while and I thought I should do a quick update before I forget everything that's happened over this pregnancy.

Morning sickness was way worse then the first time! This time, I could barely walk, couldn't drink or eat anything, and couldn't even bare to be around Reia some times. It was really bad. I didn't go bathroom for almost 2 weeks because nothing was going into my system.
I walked to the doctors after I was starting to feel a little bit better and ended up bleeding. So that was the end of walking for a while. I lost a total of 10 kgs in 2 months which was kinda scary seeing myself deteriorate so quickly.
I finally got over morning sickness 2 months later and quickly gained back the 10 kgs I had lost lol. My Doctor was not impressed with me! But I eventually got better and could walk again so I resumed teaching hula, which was real good exercise for me too. My students were always so worried that I might give birth at any second because of the moves we were doing lol but I actually enjoyed the challenge.

From my pre-pregnancy weight, I have gained 5 kgs which isn't too bad! I gained 14 last time in total which wasn't too bad either, but this time I'm gonna see if I can keep it under 10. I really popped last time in the last 2 months so I am expecting that in the remaining 6 weeks, I'm really gonna be packing it on!
After all my early Drs appointments, I ended up with 3 due dates: July 23rd, 25th, and 28th. Reia's due date was the 28th of July as well and she ended up being born on the 2nd of August, so it's gonna be pretty close!

Apart from the morning sickness, this pregnancy has been pretty good! I haven't had that much discomfort in my hips this time around, I don't need to pee in the middle of the night, I don't have restless legs, I don't have bad reflux, I don't have insomnia, I'm not constipated, I can breathe just fine and am feeling pretty good overall! My last pregnancy was pretty good too I thought, but this time around its even better. Lets just hope that labour is too! This baby moves around constantly. Always wiggling around getting comfy. When Reia moved, she was big about it and would stretch and push a lot, but it wasn't constant. This baby doesn't have constant big movements, but is constantly moving nonetheless.
On the other hand, I am tired a lot in my 3rd trimester. With Reia, I had so much energy and would go on long walk, scrub the floors, and clean clean clean, but this time I find myself with little energy and just wanting to sleep! I am taking iron, but that doesn't seem to be helping much either.

Reia has grown so much so her last update. She is chatting away and is picking up everything around her. She is such a quick learner! On a whole, she is quite obedient, but I am still holding my breath for the "terrible twos." She knows a lot of words now and can understand a lot of what we are saying. Since being back in NZ, I can already see that she is forgetting Japanese which isn't good, but I am sure once we move back to Japan that she will pick it back up again.
She loves running around on the lawn outside, picking and throwing oranges from our tree, traumatizing the cat and exploring the world around her. She has adjusted really well to my family and is comfortable around them. She knows when she is tired and can put herself to sleep. She is quite independent and plays just fine by herself. She isn't so good with other kids as she just runs away and finds something to entertain herself. She likes Mickey Mouse and play dough at the moment. Its been fun to watch her watch English kids shows. She has only known Japanese ones which she loves, but with the English ones, she interacts with the characters when they ask questions and things which shows me that she comprehends whats going on. Some new Japanese words she has learnt are sugoi (sugos), tsumetai (tsumas), hana, meme, mimi, kuchi, nani, kore, and doko. The latest English words are cat, come, and car. I find that she says a lot of Japanese words, but understands more English, so if I were to ask her to do something in English, she will respond to me. If I ask in Japanese she won't click straight away, but she knows a lot of vocabulary. Still hasn't quite figured out that the two languages are separate, but that'll come later on.

I am interested to see how she will respond to a new baby. I think she might be a bit jealous at first, but hopefully she becomes accepting and the best big sis anyone could ask for!

Only 6 weeks to go. I feel like I haven't prepared enough for birth and am just hoping that everything will run smoothly like last time and that I won't have to worry much! My midwives are awesome and are very on to it so I know I'm in good hands. I am absolutely dreading the pain! Can't wait till its all over and this new baby girl is here! We are missing Daddy very much and can't wait till he comes in 6 weeks time!!!

03 February 2013

Reia's 1 1/2 Year Update!

My big baby is 1 and a half years old today! So much has happened with her since her last update so let's just get straight into it!

She sings along to songs she knows. Some of her favs are: Row Row Row Your Boat, the Alphabet song, If You’re Happy and You Know It, 大きな栗の木の下で, おもちゃのチャチャチャ, ぞうさん, 頭肩膝ポン!

She calls Jun, Ericca, and I "Nana" or "Mama." 
She can also say:
  • Yes
  • Amen (And can say her own little prayer. Food is such a great incentive:P)
  • All done
  • Douzo - どうぞ
  • Ah-toh (which means arigatou, complete with a bow) ありがとう
  • Are - あれ
  • Genki - げんき
  • Please (sounds like cheee)
  • Cheese
  • Mama
  • Bye bye
  • Koko - ここ
  • Elmo - sounds more like Elo
  • She puts her hands together and says the TA for Gochisou sama deshiTA! (What we say when we finish a meal)   
She is at the stage where everything is a learning experience. I am so amazed at her growth and understanding of what I'm saying!
She can answer to Yes/No questions. 
She can sign the words sleepy, milk, please, more, kiss, bye bye, hungry, and bath time.
She loves DVD's, choosing the DVD, and pushing the buttons on the DVD player.
She will flap her arms up and down and say nana! nana! to get my attention.
If she wants me to pick her up she will strain her face and arms and stick them out at me.
She can give "big hugs" and kisses on demand.
She sleeps through the night and only wakes if her nappy is full. We all sleep together in the same room on futons like a typical Japanese family, so it's really easy for me to get to her if she wakes.
She loves to dance :)
She knows how to work the camera already!
She always brings her soft toys to me and isn't satisfied until I make them sing "Oma Rapeti." I've gotten quite a few looks when I get up to the "Bang! Bang! Bang!" part hahaha
She likes to feed other people.
She babbles and has conversations that I am dying to understand!
She is shy when she first meets new people but warms up to them after a while.
She can sing along to some songs on the kids tv channel.
She loves books and words.
She likes being chased around the kitchen table.
She gives me her rubbish and plates when she's done.
She has really dry skin and sometimes breaks out into rashes :(
She is fascinated by other children and doesn't quite know how to socialize yet. She just laughs a lot around them and hopes that'll do it.
She absolutely loves cheese.
She has a playlist on Youtube of her fav songs and if she wants to watch it she says cha cha! That is the first song on the playlist. I found her watching it like this yesterday lol
She's been sticking her fingers up her nose lately, and mine while I'm asleep :/
She is old enough to go to nursery! She has been going for a while now but it's official tomorrow! She cries when I leave and it takes her a while to calm down, but once she does, she forgets she has parents lol. Hoping she'll get used to it soon!
She does this funny hop step walk sometimes and when she's excited she flails her arms all over the place!
I am loving this stage right now :) She is used to her routine and can communicate enough to get what she wants. Don't get me wrong, she likes to test the waters and will ignore what I say sometimes, but I don't want her to grow anymore! >_<
Her Great Grandma knit her this cute outfit!
I am so looking forward to seeing what will happen this July when we have another baby :) She will be a big sister! I think she will do a fantastic job of taking care of her new brother or sister :D

We love you baby <3