03 September 2012

Quick Tip: How to Keep Your Bananas Fresher for Longer

Don't you hate it when you buy a bunch of beautiful yellow bananas only to discover that they are already starting to spot after a couple days? Why is it that they stay so perfect looking at the store and decide to fall apart when you take them home?! My bananas don't stand a chance, especially in this humidity!

Today's tip is how to keep your bananas just a little bit fresher for just a little bit longer. 
There are actually two methods to doing this:
This first is to separate the bananas (at the top) as soon as you take them home.
The second is to wrap the top of the bunch with cling film really tightly and rewrap after you take a banana.
I personally go with the first option just because it's easier :p

This will keep your bananas from ripening too fast and will keep them fresher for about 3-5 more days!

Easy huh?

That's all for now :D


  1. YAY!!!!!!! love this tidbit, and i could totally use this for my apple bananas i buy each week :)