07 August 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Reia!

WOW! Where did all the time go?! Our little bebe has grown so fast and continues to amaze us everyday. Her cheeky smile and he sweet laughter is all it takes to melt my heart! We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and we can't imagine life without her :)

Her first birthday was on the 2nd of August was spent in Germany with all of her Japanese family :) It was sooo nice to see all the cousins interacting and playing together, especially with Reia! It took her a few days to adjust to the time difference, but after a couple days of crying and waking during the night, she was back to normal.

The day started with us leaving the house early in the morning and driving a couple of hours to Eltz Castle where the 33rd generation owners still live today. It looked like something out of a movie and was furnished as if still in the medieval times. It was located in such a nice secluded area with rivers, hills and a bright green forest that stretched as far as the eye could see.
Me and the birthday girl!
During the drive there, she threw up all over her birthday outfit from Megumi and Matt >_< But because I am so clever and brought a change of clothes, it was OK. Then after lunch she had an explosion >_< I didn't bring a change for the change of clothes, so not so clever after all.

But speaking of lunch (right after that description, hehe), Jun and I shared the stuffed roast pork steak with chips, salad and roll with a delicious berry cheesecake! That cheesecake was probably one of the best I've ever had. The texture was light and smooth and it had just the right amount of sweetness to it. Not overbearing, just right.

We were able to take a short tour through some of the castle and all Reia wanted to do was get on the floor and crawl around. It wasn't easy trying to constrain her! We weren't allowed to take photos inside the castle itself, so all I can say was that it was very interesting to see how people used to live back then. It also made me grateful for the luxuries I have now, like heating and plumbing! 

Inside the castle walls
With cousin, Emi
On the way back home, Reia had another near-explosion and threw up again >_< I now know to bring at least 5 changes of clothes with me on a road trip! Anything could happen! (Mind you, she was showing signs of a cold.) So we got home, I gave Reia a bath and changed her into her Hello Kitty outfit and we ate dinner at a local place with a GORGEOUS view! It looked out onto this huge valley with clusters of red roofed houses scattered in the middle. I thought at that moment, "YES! I am in Europe!" I always knew that I was, but the atmosphere just gave off such a European-y vibe that was amazing. The pics don't give it justice at all. Dinner was schnitzel and pizza which was delicious as usual :)

It was probably my imagination, but I noticed during the trip that the sun gave off a warmer, golden, yet hazy light that softened everything, making anything it touched look even more radiant!

Served with fries, as always

L-R: Chika, Mika, Ai, Asami 
Megumi, Mia, Matt
Emi, Takumi, Yuki, Minami 
Art, Misao, Mikuya, Misa
Jujiro, Jun, Reia, Junko
After we got home, we pulled the cake outta the fridge, put a big 1 one it and sung Happy Birthday! Reia was staring at everyone wondering what was going on the whole time. She didn't get to eat any of the cake though because of the days previous explosions and such. We figured she had contracted something. So she snacked on cherries and plums instead. She has the rest of her life to eat cake!

With cousin, Mia
Happy Birthday hunny bunny 
Why is everyone shouting at me?
Blowing out the candle...
One of Reia's older cousins, Emi, had been wanting to play Happy Birthday to Reia on the flute all day and so we got our own mini show!

And that was Reia's first birthday :D

There have been a lot of changes this month too. And just so I have them on record, here they are:

If she hears the Skype ring tone, she will scuttle over to see who I'm chatting with :)

She has a dimple of the side of her nose, of all places! I only noticed that a few weeks ago.

She will go to people reluctantly at first but will be fine being with them if she doesn't see me.

She likes it when I take her face in my hands and roll her cheeks around. She also finds it amusing if I brush my finger up and down on her lips so she can make that bubbling kind of sound.

She can give hi-fives on cue!

She learnt how to climb stairs at the Ford's home in Germany! She had lots of practice and also learnt how to come down a step backwards. She can only go down one though as the urge to climb that one step back up again is too much for her!

If you start saying one of her favourite words: ada, aba, ana, or bobo, she will start copying you. But recently she has started to babble a lot more and will just play and talk to herself for a while, which is cute.

Now that her 4th tooth has cut through, Reia grits and grinds her teeth. I hope they don't chip...

She says YAYA and shakes her head or does a duck face when she means NO!

She is a pro at drinking through straws! She also doesn't spit drink back out once she's sipped it out.

She absolutely LOVES playing in the shower!! It's like her favourite thing. I think it's the toy fish that make all the difference.

She has started attempting standing by herself which is exciting but also a little bit scary! If someone isn't there to catch her, she ends up falling over and hitting her head :( I am still haunted by her first major fall straight onto her forehead! I always look at it to see if it's developing OK... but I kinda reckon it's slightly more raised than the other side :(

She developed heat rash over the summer in Japan! It was all over her legs, arms, chest, and was speckled across her eyes and nose. She scratched really hard on her upper thighs. She had to take two showers a day. It was so sad to see her suffer :( We just missed the heat wave by a few days after coming back, but 32 degrees is still gross to be in.

No matter where I stick her in the room to watch her tv program, she will make her way right up to the tv screen, a few inches from her nose! We always keep her away but bit by bit she inches closer and closer lol. One time I told her that she was too close and needed to go back to behind the table and she started crying and reluctantly started moving back to where she came from!! I was so amazed and excited that she was understanding what I was saying but I didn't want to show my excitement so that she would get confused and think I was joking or something lol but she went right back to her pozzy!

She likes playing peekaboo! She likes it so much she plays it by herself! All she needs is a blanket lol.

She will stare at me until I make her smile :)

Thank you for an amazing year, baby. We love you very much!


  1. wow - that was a cool an comprehensive report. thanx dan. the year has just flown hasnt it. ric and i were remembering your scream during child birth lo. well worth it obviously:) ma

  2. thats beautiful cuz and juns family look amazing espesh her older cuzzin emi what a little sweetheart! Loved reading your blog. Look forward to many more years of Reias adventures. keep up the great mummying lol love u always. cori xx