02 July 2012

11 Months Today!

It has been one big whirlwind of development this month! 11 months down and 1 more to go until shes a 1 year old! I am still debating on wether I should keep these updates monthly after she turns 1 or not. We'll see what happens. She is a very curious girl and wants to touch and taste everything. Especially the remotes, cords, and bottles!

She can finally CRAWL! Well it is more like half crawl, half walk lol. She uses her left foot to get her places while her right knee drags behind her. When she goes turbo it is hilarious hahaha

She doesn't know how to fall asleep anymore >_< She naps maybe once or twice if I'm lucky, but now that she can sit up and crawl, she can't keep still! She usually goes to sleep at 8pm and is up by 5am. 

When she is really tired and she wants to go to sleep, she squeezes her eyes shut but they peek back open lol so she keeps squeezing them tightly until they stay shut. Cuuuute!

She loves books! She enjoys story time and will happily sit in my lap and soak in all the pictures. I have been reading "Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo" for the past 2 weeks and she loves it!

Reia reading her Hiragana book
She tries to stand up using anything stable.
Mainly walls, chairs, tables, and legs.

At her first Baseball game enjoying the cheers from Chiba's side
She will always go from standing to squat position and will repeat this motion a few times. I have quickly learnt that this is the way she goes toilet. And she just confirmed this 5 minutes ago :/

This girl has some strong leg muscles! Jun knows that very well. He gets kicked in the chest or face sometimes when he's sleeping.

She likes playing in the curtains :)

She like to blow raspberries on my knees and chest. It is the cutest thing when she looks up at me for my reaction when she's done hehe

She is a little bit vain lol. She loooves looking in the mirror and watching videos of herself!

This isn't new, but she likes it when I sing the Dutch hand-motion song, Klap Eens In Je Handjes! My Dad used to sing this to us when we were little and we liked it too. Never knew what the words meant, but it was fun! I hope that I am pronouncing the words correctly haha I might have to get some help when we venture out to Amsterdam next month!

Her Opa bought her a jolly jumper! It's perfect for when I need 10 minutes to clean the house or something. I just stick her in it and I know she'll be safe and not tangled up in some cords somewhere.

She has a top tooth cutting through and another closely following closely behind which brings the number of teeth to 3, nearly 4!

I am pretty convinced by now that her favourite food is spaghetti bolognese. She gobbles it up so fast and loves smearing it all over her face as you can see with this awesome face palm!

She get scared and cries when she sees these particular characters on t.v. Every day during Okaasan to Issho (Japanese kids t.v. program), she always cries when these guys come on. I must admit though, they do look pretty weird :/

When she gets frustrated, she makes this face! 

Her new word this month is "bo-bo!"

She isn't a huge fan of the shower yet (I am though!), but she loves her little fishies and will always crawl to the bathroom to fetch them. I got her this cap to keep the water out of her eyes. It has a hole on the top to wash her hair. Genius!

At her last check up, she was 9.5kgs and 75cm long! I can't get over how big she has gotten. She is huge now! She's a little person, it's crazy!

We are still amazed at how time has flown by so quickly and at how big baby has gotten. It's a bitter sweet feeling that I'm sure many of you with kids are familiar with.


Her next update with be coming from GERMANY! Woohoo!

Have a good one!


  1. soooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuute miss thang:) ma

  2. SOOOOO CUUUTE! Especially the video of her watching herself, that's hilarious! I can't wait to see her again!

  3. Great update Dan, she IS a whole little person. What joy she brings to us all.