20 June 2012

Hula Hair Clips

I have recently started making my own flower hair clips for hula! After going to a few hula events around Tokyo and seeing the ridiculous prices on some of the hair clips out there, I decided it would be much cheaper to just make it myself! 

Flower hair clips (particularly those used in hula) range from about 1000~5000 yen ($12~65USD or $15~80NZD) depending on the size, type, and quality of the flowers. The ones that I have made below would normally cost around 1000~2500 yen. In reality, they only cost me about 300 yen to make ^_^

These are some that I made a few days ago.

I don't think I need to explain how I made them.... It's pretty easy. If you have a glue gun, flowers, and a hair clip, you can make your own too! The hardest part of the process is the arrangement. But once you know where you want the flowers, just glue them on! You will also need to make a base using a leaf so that the flowers have something to stick to.

I found all these tropical flowers at a dollar store. The tricky thing is that you can never rely on store to always have tropical flowers or leaves available. Every time I go to get some, the flowers are always different! So when I see something I like, I buy quite a bit.

I have been thinking of selling these at the next hula event so we will see how that goes as well;)

P.S. Reia started crawling!!


  1. way cool! i want one of those last ones . . . ma

    1. haha those ones are for a friends wedding! i guess i can customize one for you ;)