01 June 2012

And the New Young Women's President IS...

Wow. I did not see that one coming.

I'm the new Young Women's President of Kunitachi Ward. I have been repeating this over and over again in my head, like a mantra. There are a couple things wrong with this picture. First of all, Kunitachi is a Japanese speaking ward, and secondly, I don't speak Japanese.  To be more specific, I can survive OK with the little Japanese that I know, but on Sundays, I have no idea what's going on. Church language is way harder than regular everyday language. Talk about overwhelming! If I were to be called in an English speaking ward, there would be no problem. But, because our Heavenly Father has a way of throwing challenges at us just when we are starting to feel comfortable, and because he has such a sense of humour (good one!), well, here I am. Excited and nervous. I am starting to sense that my lack of communication skills will become a HUGE hindrance for everyone. 

But shortcomings aside, I am still really looking forward to working with these beautiful young ladies and my awesome counselors! My 1st councilor can speak English so I am definitely abusing that lol. 
I got handed the big red President's binder on Sunday and it is all in Japanese. Except for the English version of the Young Women's theme. I've read it twice already. Mostly because it's the only thing that I can read. Well this is gonna be fun. First thing on the agenda, new binders! I have been scoping out ideas on Sugardoodle and found these awesome binder covers by Darcy Patterson! So many good ideas on her website! I didn't even know that "Arise and Shine Forth" was this year's theme. I wonder what else I don't know...... :/

Young Women's Camp is coming up too and I stumbled upon this awesome idea of making Paper Bag Journals by burlapanddenim.com! It's a pity that I won't be able to make it to camp (because I will be in GERMANY! AAAH!), but I can at least help prepare them for it :) Hopefully we can find the time to make these coz they are pretty cool. The problem that I find over here is that there is NO TIME to meet to do anything! The kids go to school, then they have club activities which can go until 6, and sometimes after that they have cram school too! No wonder Japanese people are such hard workers! But alas, this has brought our activity nights down from once a week to once a month. Hopefully I can change that because I am sure that the Young Women would love to do more. I know I would!

So that is my big announcement. If any of you are in the Young Women's program too or are a young women yourself... hmm how do I say this......... HELP ME! :P

In other news, Laura flew back to NZ on Tuesday and Pup flies in tomorrow night! Which reminds me that I still have to finish unpacking -_- The pile of unnecessary things that we own is killing me! 

Reia turns 10 months tomorrow so look out for her update then!



  1. Yay!! Congrats! Heavenly Father knows how amazing you are going to be. Awesome excuse to really get the Japanese language down. The YW are so lucky to have you!! <3

    1. Thanks Senia! Yep, it's definitely going to be a learning experience. For EVERYONE! Lol :D Hope your resting up well! Miss yoooou! xoxo