02 June 2012

10 Months Today!

Where has the time gone, seriously! Only two more months until my little pepe is a ONE year old! 

This month has been so much fun! She has reached a few more milestones that we are excited about and is still full of smiles and giggles :)

No, she STILL can't crawl yet but she is half way there! She uses all her strength to wiggle and worm her way to where she wants to go, but more than often gives up half way. Her most efficient way of transporting herself places, however, is by rolling and lunging. She will roll and lunge until she is in arms reach of what she wants to grab. And I must say, her lunge is pretty impressive! 

She has only recently started bringing her knees to her chest during an attempt at crawling, which is big for her. In the past, she just had no idea that that was even an option and would complain if I tried to help her! So I would say maybe another month max and she should be crawling!

She can now sit up from her back! At first I was so amazed and proud of her. Now, I need to keep an extra eye out! Her sitting up combined with her rolling, lunging, wiggling, and worming, often leads to documents chewed up, things misplaced, and pretty much just a great big mess. Now when I put her to bed and go back to check on her, she is always in a different spot in the room... Also, she prefers to sleep on her side or tummy now and will only fall asleep if me or someone else is lying down next to her. She always rolls over just before she falls asleep.

Her bed is on the left and she ended up somehow on the far right :/
Her favourite toys are still anything that isn't hers already. This includes my cell phone, my necklaces, and especially my diary. Phew! This girl makes me work!

She can clap her hands :D It started off as shaky fists and gradually worked its way to clapping. She likes flapping her arms around even more.

She pulled herself up on to the coffee table! She has been trying to pull herself up on to anything stable ever since.

She loves trying to walk and there have been fleeting moments where she has stood by herself unsupported! This still has me thinking that she may walk before she crawls. I know there is a lot of talk about how babies should crawl first to develop properly etcetera etcetera... but all babies are different and this one just wants to walk already! I remember when she was just a day old, she was already very strong. She would push with her legs and try to lift her head up which was frightening for me coz she was brand new and I was so inexperienced. But she has always tried using her legs and has always wanted to stand than sit.

She loves her food and makes sure to fling it everywhere! Thank goodness we have flooring and not carpet in this apartment! She also puts more in her mouth than she can manage. It's the same with her toys. She'll be holding something but then will want something else and will drop it, pick it back up again, repeat this process a few times until she decides what she wants to hold the most lol.

She has been so much better with people lately and will just be with them without making a fuss. She especially loves her Aunty Ericca and Anuty Laura :)

She has 3 meals a day with a snack or two in between and 3 bottle feeds plus breast milk and sips of water. My milk supply has reduced to almost nothing since starting solids! She will stop drinking and get bored after a couple of seconds so she's on formula now and loves it. It's so freeing not having to breast feed all the time, I must confess!  

She understands when I say no, uh-uh! (and will give me the pouty face T_T), eat, come, Reia, good girl, milk, and kiss-kiss-kiss (and gives me a big open mouthed KISS!). She likes to say mama, dada, and nana. She has also started something new which I can only describe as "the grudge" in reverse. It's like she breathes in too deeply and for too long that it makes that kind of where'd-all-the-oxygen-go! kinda sound :/ 

She still only has two teeth, but has been really fussy lately so I am expecting another tooth to cut through any day now.

She can SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Hallelujah! She goes to bed at 8ish and wakes up at 6ish! I don't know how I ever survived!

To spruce up her play corner a bit, I bought some butterfly wall deco. Easy to apply and looks really cute!

So many things have happened this past month, it's been craziness! Moving apartments, hula, teaching English, Reia getting mobile, Young Women's President, family visiting, and the list goes on! Can't wait until we go to Europe next month!

Hope you are all keeping well :D


  1. aaaaawwwwwww . . . love the picz with the aunties:)

  2. So fun!! She's getting so big and adorable. I love the butterflies!

  3. so cute girl! hey i think our kids look alot alike hehe :)

  4. My fav pic is the spaghetti... too cute... Tuihana

  5. oh yeah, the spaghetti one for sure hana - but i pretty much like all of them aye:)

    . . . ive watched her do her lunges on skype and i so feel her frustration. like she lunges towards me and her whole head fills the screen, but she doesnt kno how to move her lower body so her image reduces back to where her legs are . . . then she does a bit of a whimper and flaps her arms not quite sure of what just happened/or not happened . . . awwww - im hearin ya babe. next month k:) . . . fighting! - as they say around here.

  6. hahahaha she is soooo cuuuute! SO glad to hear she is finally sleeping through the night!! You have a very smart girl on your hands there! She can understand so much and say wayyy more than kohl can lol. OOh and yay congrats on YW Pres!! HOly smack ur gunna be fluent in japanese before you know it! ;)

  7. awwww i love your blogs and my baby girl!!!! shes too cute soo number #2 soon yah? and when are you coming back here? i really wana come visit...so does fou? hmmmm move? lol