11 May 2012

Crafting with Shelby!

Yesterday, I went to a mates place to do some crafting and make these adorable barefoot sandals! A HUGE thank you to my friend, Shelby, for having us over and for letting me use her amazing supply of craft stuff!! ^__^ またしようね〜!

It was a lot of fun, and now that I think about it, that was my first ever craft date! Mum started cracking up laughing when I told her that I was going to a friends place to craft. Before having Reia, I was not interested in anything crafty AT ALL! But now, I see so many cute things that I can't wait to make for my little munchkin ^_^ I'm not the most creative or talented person when it comes to craft or DIY, but Reia doesn't know that so meh I say. MEH!

I found this awesome tutorial on The Creative Muster (a chick from Aussi!) which was really easy to follow (she also has some other cute things on there, like her 3D Butterfly Wall Deco!). The part that took the longest to make was the flower, but the actual assembly of the sandal itself was quite quick and easy. These are PERFECT for summer! Reia keeps pulling her socks off and she doesn't need shoes, so these will keep her looking not so bare/cold and very styly at the same time ;) (Not sure of "styly" is a word outside of New Zealand... but you're all smart and can figure it out lol) Shelby also mentioned that they can be worn over tights in the winter time! Just an added bonus to the already major cuteness factor :)

 Cutting out the petals

 Trying them on...

They fit!

We also squeezed in a CUTE butterfly clip and a really easy flower clip! 

We didn't do the antennae because it looked kinda... weird :/ But I don't think it really needs it anyway.

And then she taught me how to make this easy as flower :)

Thanks Shelby!

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