02 May 2012

9 Months Today!

Three quarters of a year are up! Our little bundle of joy is not so little anymore, but still a joy!

  • She loves Okaasan to Issho (kids program on tv) and especially the Power Up song. When it comes on she gets very smiley and jumpy
  • She claps... with her feet :/
  • She is rolling around all over the place! Finally, we have an active child! She has been trying to crawl too but her legs go really stiff and straight and she can't really do anything. She can push up on her arms but her legs are still dragging behind her haha
  • She can put her dummy back into her mouth and turn it the right way up! It's funny watching her trying to do it while she's half asleep hehehe
  • She can hold her own bottle
  • She gets constipated easily. It's hard to get extra fluids into her too so it can be a problem
  • She can go to other people most times and won't cry... but still prefers Mummy ^_^ Yay!
  • She grabs, pulls, and bites on everything she can get her little hands on. Including my hair. Not to mention the slapping during breast feeds -_-
  • She loves being outside and is a good little traveler. We don't usually get any crying unless she's really tired
  • Her favourite toys are mostly plastic packets or bags. She prefers the wet wipes packet over her toys any day
  • She can recognize her own name, she lifts her arms if she wants to be picked up, and I guess her eye sight is really good because I was across the hall from her at the chapel and happened to glance over at her and she was staring at me. It was only until I smiled at her that she fully recognized me and started smiling and then crying coz she wanted to come over lol. I never knew she could see that far!
  • She can pull herself up on to her feet if someone holds her hands. She can't quite use inanimate objects yet
  • She has started scratching her chest lately which is a worry. Jun has eczema and really dry skin and so it's a sign she might have it too
  • She is wayyy too heavy for her bouncy seat now. If left in it for more than 10 minutes, the material usually gives and she ends up on the floor :)
  • Her smile is a perfect semi circle and she holds her mouth in that position for ages. It looks like something out of an anime but can look a bit freaky after a while :D
  • She likes books and seeing words. I probably should read to her more 
  • She is still allergic to eggs and will be able to get her allergy test next month
  • She sleeps at 10am, 2pm and down for the night around 7 or 8
  • She can put herself to sleep fine if she can't see me, but if she can then we won't rest until I pick her up
  • She has 2 teeth! They finally cut through and she didn't cry as much as I thought she would. But she did wake up a lot more during the night

She is due for her checkup within the next 2 months so I don't have her exact measurements yet and judging from last time, I'm not so trusty with a measuring tape and scales. I think I will just wait lol

She is a very smiley and curious child. She has gotten a lot more active since last month so let's see if she feels life taking a stab at crawling this month!

We have been super busy lately. Going to different weddings between Osaka and Tokyo! Phewww traveling takes it's toll! We also sold our paua jewelry at a big hula event which was fun. Preparing for that was so much work! But it was a good experience and we got a lot of good feedback :) A few kumu's and musicians from Hawaii came to the event and Japanese halau's danced. They all had their hair fluffed up and their costumes and big chunky leis on. The keiki dances were gorgeous! Beautiful little girls. There were also Samoan, Tahitian, and Maori numbers. I love how when Japanese like something, they go all out and are so passionate about it. I bought a couple dresses too, yay!

We have also been thinking of moving coz our place is a bit expensive, but our neighbourhood is sooo good, we don't want to leave! We have everything we need right by our apartment, so it's the perfect location. Jun's sister, who works in real estate, found a slightly cheaper place in the same area. Turns out it's in the same building only 2 floors down LOL so we will be moving to the 3rd floor in 2 weeks. We are selling our jewelry at another event coming up in 2 weeks as well so we are going to be extremely busy! And I don't get enough sleep as it is! 

Well that's what's going on with us at the mo :)

Have a good one!


  1. aww shes so gorgeous! lol at anime smile, I think that about Kohana as well!! I love these updates, I think I will have to steal this idea and so some too =)

    1. aw thanks lisa! i would love to read about how kohana is growing and developing! u should do it! xo

  2. omgosh - what was life without her . . . (ma)

  3. reia chan kawaiii! miss you guys!!