10 April 2012

Easter Weekend in Japan

Spring is finally here!

This Easter weekend was so nice and WARM! I actually wore JANDALS for the first time in ages!!! I don't know why everyone is still wearing warm jackets and shoes lol. I would wear my jandals all year long if it wasn't for those awkward stares I get :/ I already stand out enough as it is over here. Between jumping back and forth between Japan and New Zealand, I managed to accumulate an 18 month long winter which sucked! So I am soooo ready for some HEAT!

Reia isn't quite old enough to do anything fun on Easter like an easter egg hunt or egg painting... and it doesn't help that she might be allergic to eggs so... we kinda laid low this Easter. It isn't a big thing over here anyway. Probably because it is the same time when the cherry blossoms come out which are gorgeous! This photo was the best one we could get of all of us together. Reia was a little sleepy so taking pictures was the last thing on her mind. Cheeky monkey!

All I really wanted was this Easter was a bunch of Cadbury Crunchie Eggs *sigh* but there's nothing like that around here, or my area at least. So for Good Friday, I settled with home made hot cross buns.
They were OK. I had to cook them for an extra 10 minutes to get some colour on them, but then they went really dry after a while, so I probably shouldn't have done that haha. Really nice straight outta the oven with a big dollop of butter! But they took so long to make. Ugh! Like 2 or 3 hours or something. So much easier to just buy them. And the crosses were such a FAIL. It was so hard to get them all the same width and then in the end... they fell off -_- Never again.

Saturday was spent at home with Reia while Jun worked. It was a beautiful day and so I took the opportunity to do all the laundry that I could. For dinner, we went to the new pasta place by our house and had to wait an hour to get a table coz it's always packed! Probably because of the all-you-can-eat Haagen Dazs ice cream parlour (which if you asked me, wasn't all that). I met a lady while we were waiting that absolutely loved New Zealand and was so excited to meet me lol. She honeymooned in the South Island and is dying to go back. It is always funny to me to see Japanese people scrambling to use the little English that they know in order to communicate with me. Not because they look so flustered and slightly stressed, but because that is how I feel every time I open my mouth to say something in Japanese! I must say, it's kinda nice when the tables have turned. Although, when the tables turn only half way and both of us are scrambling, it's kinda ridiculous lol. I am now a master at charades. 

On Sunday, we went to the Stake Center in Kichijoji to watch General Conference which was good. Wasn't that last song a tear jerker! When the Tabernacle Choir sings that arrangement of Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing, I always get that stirring feeling in my heart. After conference, we went to the local park to see the SAKURA! This was my first time seeing sakura in Japan despite me living here for a year and a half because I always seem to leave right before the season. But it was sooo worth the wait! I have seen them before in New Zealand, but it's just not the same amongst our green landscape. Over here, the flowers stand out so much more because everything else is a dark. It's gorgeous!! 

The place was packed! One of the downfalls of living in Japan in my opinion. If you want to enjoy something cool in Japan, be ready to share it with thousands of other people trying to do the exact same thing. There was no where to sit and so we had to settle for a wooden fence by the lake. The trees looked snow laden, it was so pretty. After coming home and realizing I still had a bunch of stale hot cross buns... I whipped up this Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding, thanks to Sorted! Tastes better than it looks I promise :) I was in no rush to pretty up the plate coz I was starving!

On Easter Monday, I was determined to visit Kunitachi which is one station over because of the blossoms there. The sakura don't have a very long lifespan and so I made sure I got to see them before they died. By the station, there is a street with about 300 huge sakura trees planted along side it and I have only ever seen them green, orange, or bare but never with flowers! And it was so amazing! Reia and I strolled down the road which seemed to go on forever. I saw a small clearing of grass under a sakura tree and pulled over to take some pics. It proved kinda difficult because Reia was more interested in the dirt and grass than the camera, but then a random lady saw me and came to help get Reia's attention so I could get some shots! So nice of her :) So thanks to her, I managed to get these pictures :D

Later on that night, we ate dinner with Jun's sister and his nephew who is going to BYU next week. Didn't manage to get pictures of them... but I did get pictures of dessert lol! It was goooood :D I had the mango looking cake thing down the bottom. There were big chunks of mango and cream in the middle. It was kind of a like a bomb? Is that what they're called? Jun got the huge fruit parfait which was equally as yummy. The berries were very sweet, not tart at all. MmMmmMmmm!

Phew! Well that was our Easter weekend :) Hope you all had a good one.

Quick Reia update: Her first tooth has come through! And by the looks of it, the second one is just about there :D

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  1. wow - your w/e was so choc full of fun. luvin the pics. ma:)