02 April 2012

8 Months Today

We pass Reia's 8 months mark with a COLD! That's right, Reia is sick for the first time, and just when I thought I was getting the hang of things lol. We have both been sick for about a week now but it doesn't seem like we are out of the woods just yet. A few more days and we should be good as new!

I can't believe that it has been 8 months already! That means that there's only 4 more months until she turns ONE!!! Aaaah! I have been planning her 1st birthday party in my head for a while now I must admit... Although, being in Germany for it may change some of my plans. That's right! We are going to Germany in 4 months! And hopefully we can jump across the border and visit Holland and France as well! We have never been to Europe before so it's very exciting! I can finally get in touch with my Dutch side. Would be nice if I had my Dutch passport by now... I only have 3 more years to claim it! Have to get on to that!

I have really not been on the internet at all lately. With a lot of people visiting and Reia being sick, there has just been no time to do anything for myself! Although, I am still constantly finding myself taking pictures of things that I make and putting them in the to-blog-about pile. One of these days I'll get around to them.

But back to our little princess...

We completely forgot about going in to get her 6-7 month check up (woops!) but we were able to do it last night, the night before she turned 8 months haha. Her next check-up will be between 9-10 months. So according to the latest stats, she is 8250g, and 65.5cm long! So my measurements last month were wayyy off hahaha

Things she can do:
  • Her favourite word at the moment seems to be a silent tatata and occasionally mamama. Not quite Mama, but I like to think that she means ME even though she says it when playing with her toys... The tatata thing is pretty cute too. There is barely any sound when she says it :)
  • She can feed herself finger foods and also hold her own bottle if she lying down at an angle. She likes very much to be independent.
  • She can recognize me no matter how hard I try to disguise myself. Sometimes if others are holding her, she will look for me and will cry if she sees me so I have tried to hide myself but to no avail. She is one smart cookie!
  • She can breathe through her mouth! I don't know if this is a thing, but I have never seen her make a conscious effort to do so... until she got a cold :/
  • She can pretty much sit now without falling over at all
  • She likes to stand and hold on to things 
  • She likes to flap her arms up and down
  • She can shake her head when she doesn't want to do something
  • She can fall back to sleep if you lie beside her and hold her hand
  • She loves going outside and seeing all the different things and people! When we are inside I am the apple of her eye, but when we go outside she completely ignores me LOL
Things she can't do:
  • She has the ability to roll over, but for some reason she just still doesn't seem interested in getting mobile. She actually sometimes resists turning over if I try to help her. She will literally force herself the other way lol. No crawling either. But no real rush though. Maybe this month she'll start getting active! Although, I am starting to think that she might start walking before she starts crawling!
  • Can't pick up very small objects. Still hasn't quite got her pincer grip down yet!
My poor sick little girl
She is such a big girl already. I know I say this every month but man has she grown! Her hair is so long now that it keeps getting into her eyes. She pulls on my hair and ears and will sometimes get her fingers up my nose lol. She has done this a couple of time to my sister, Ericca who is living in Japan now! Oh the fun that will be had!

After she recovers from her cold, we are going to do some serious exercise her and I! I seriously need to get back on track and little missy needs to get a little active too! Hope she gets better soon. Her little coughs are so heartbreaking :(

Hope everyone is well! Have a great week :D