16 March 2012

White Day!

White Day was on the 14th of March and if you have read my Valentines Day post, then you know what it is! In Japan, and a few other asian countries, White Day is where the guys give something to their significant other or friend etc. as opposed to Valentines Day where the girls give to the guys.

This year, mine and Jun's schedules didn't match up to well and so the actual day wasn't that amazing, but because Jun is Jun and loves to surprise people, he snuck this GORGEOUS cheesecake into the spare room where I wouldn't see it, and after dinner nonchalantly said "Go look in the other room." It took me a while to process what and why but I soon picked up on his sneakiness and shot off to see what was there. And isn't it a beauty! It tasted so soo good as well. I love how dainty looking it is...I mean was... it's long gone now lol but look at how pretty it is/was!! I reckon something like this would cost about $40 in New Zealand, but of course it would be twice as big and twice as thick!! Jun always laughs at how important dessert is where I'm from. If you don't understand why I stress it so much.. read this and feel my pain. 

I didn't get chocolates or cookies for White Day, I got something even better! We were in Osaka in the weekend for Jun's high school mates wedding reception, and I was pretty hungry afterwards because you can't really eat while holding a 7 month old with tentacles for arms. So we went out to find something to eat and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a sign that said NARS. There was no discussion. I was there in seconds while Jun was left in my dust wondering where I'd gotten to. I went straight to the bronzer section and picked out Laguna which I NEED or I will die *serious face*. I  have been searching and searching for somewhere to buy NARS products in Tokyo forever! And it was driving me crazy because I had hit pan with my Laguna bronzer like a year ago and stopped using it in fear of it running out completely! Don't act like you don't do that too, I see you ;) But I just didn't know where to get it from. And my darling husband bought it for me for White Day! :D Best gift evaaah! He asked the lady if Nars products were available in Tokyo and she was like, Yeah! The biggest store in Japan is in Shinjuku! -___-" I live like 30 minutes away from Shinjuku and all this time it's been right under my nose -___-"But oh well I have it now! ^___^ 

Isn't it the most gorgeous bronzer you've ever seen!! It is soooo niiiice! I should do a review on how good it is/much I love it.

 And that was White Day! I didn't even remember it until I went grocery shopping and saw White Day signs everywhere lol. It's not a day that I'm used to, but hey, if it means getting awesome cheesecake and Nars products, lets make it twice a year! ^_^

 Reia update: She has learnt how to scream her little lungs out and will constantly scream just for the fun of it. Makes listening to music and watching tv a little bit harder lol. She loves looking at her hands and pictures of herself. She has upgraded from sleeping on thick folded blankets on the floor to her very own futon! And it's pretty big so it should last her until she's a teen or so. She barely takes up a quarter of the space at the mo, and those blankets were quite comfy by the way! We sleep on the floor in Japan so it's fine. She rolled over all by herself last week but doesn't seem to want to keep it up. Can't believe she's already 7 and a half months!

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