10 March 2012

Hina Matsuri (Girl's Festival)

Girl's Festival in Japan is held on the 3rd of March, so this blog is about a week overdue. I am not really familiar with what Japanese actually do on this day... except for eating pink things and setting up huge doll displays. ^_^

The only time I remember any kind of Girl's Day commemoration was during my internship in Aichi-ken, 2009. One day during lunch time, we were all given a very pink meal which looked SO GOOD! And it was :) Everything tasted amazing! When I think about it, it was just cake and yoghurt and fruit etc. But it was a treat compared to the usual noodles and soup combination!

This year, Jun's parents bought us our very first doll set :D We asked if they could get the smallest set they could find just because our house is so tiny! Some displays are 1 meter up, down, and across! That is pretty much our bathroom lol. So we set up the display and there was some pink candy to go along side it too. Then we took off to the park! This was Reia's first time at a park and I think she enjoyed going down the slide and rocking on the horsies! The park that we went to is GORGEOUS during Autumn! I bet it is just as beautiful during the Sakura season too:D But on this particular day, it was freeeeezing cold. But that didn't stop all the little children from bouncing on this huge white cloud looking thing with no shoes on!

Mika playing on the play ground

We stayed at the park for a couple of hours while Mika, Reia's cousin, played on the playground. After that, we wet home and started preparing dinner! On the menu was SUSHI! I think you can never go wrong with sushi ;) There was a whole bunch on sliced up fish to choose from. I always go for the salmon :D At one point, Jun's Dad started teaching me how to eat it and said that you can even add kiwifruit to it! And I was thinking eeewww kiwifruit in sushi?? It would be sour as! And he continued on teaching  me until the rest of the family picked up on what he was saying and said "AVOCADO!" Hahaha he had mistaken kiwifruit for avocado :D I was gonna say!! Anyways, we ate until we were stuffed! And had a special yummy cake afterwards.

First time on the playground! She was trying to brace herself the whole time lol


The whanau

Our mini doll display, cake, and snacks!

The only way Reia would stop crying and trying to grab everyones food was by giving her a spoon lol.

With her Obaachan and cousin

With Ojiichan

Cuzzy love <3

We had a lovely day spending time with family and eating good food.
And that was Reia's first Hina Matsuri :)


  1. Reis is soooooo adorable!!! I LOVE her gorgeous pink cheeks!!!! And I'm glad yous had a fun girls day in Japan!

  2. nawww she's teething!!! look at her red cheeks! Thats the biggest hint right thea :) love ya aunty cori :)