02 March 2012

7 Months Today!

I know. It's been a while since last posted anything... and you have all been patiently waiting for my next post! Right? :D

Today, Reia is 7 months old! She is well over the half year mark and is growing so fast!! She hasn't had a check up in a while so according to my own measurements with my not-so trusty scales and tape measure, she is something like 9kg and 66cm. At her last check up, she was 7.8kg and 62cm and that was a month and a half ago, so somewhere along those lines!
She if full of smiles and has settled into her daily routine very smoothly. She naps 2-3times a day for 1-2 hours at a time. She only cries if she tired, hungry, wants mummy, or has done number twos. Apparently she wouldn't mind staying in her wet nappy all day lol.

Here are some things she can/likes to do:
  • Eat solid food and create a great mess.
  • Sit up by herself. She hasn't quite figured out how to reach out and grab something while maintaing her balance yet. She just topples right over.
  • Watch Sesame Street! If i am ever in a pinch and need to do something quick (bad parenting coming up!) I put in a DVD and let her watch a bit of Sesame Street and she just stares at it and starts giggling along with Elmo. I try to limit TV to times of desperation only! Before I would just plonk in a DVD and enjoy my moments of me-time, but I have since learned that it delays language development :/ Oops!
  • She likes to play peekaboo under the sheets! She has this kind of infatuation with the wind because it literally takes her breath away and she loves that gush of surprise! So we play the sheet game all the time :)
  • She can put her dummy in her mouth by herself! Well, 7/10 times. Helps out heaps during nap/bed time!
  • She squeals during tickle time. When she laughs in anticipation, her face goes all rigid and set in the same expression but the laugh changes, its funny.
  • When she smiles, her tongues is always curled to the back. I don't know why she does that lol
  • Her cry (the one where she has had enough!) sounds like a mix between Gollum's and a Ring Wraith's cry. Very waily, high pitched, and screechy!
  • When her Daddy comes home, she now give him big happy smiles and is very excited to see him :D She used to cling to me for a while but she is finally warming up to him! 
And some things she can't/doesn't like to do:
  • Roll over. Well, I take that back because she has done it by herself a couple of times but it's not consistent. Usually when I try to help her do this, I'll twist her legs so she rolls on to her tummy and then she'll just go lazy and lie there lol. 
  • Crawl. She tries to bring her knees up to her chest but isn't very good at it >_< I hear from Mothers that once they're mobile they're a bigger handful than before, so I don't mind if she takes her sweet time!
  • Sleep through the night. She used to sleep for 4 hours at a time and woke only once during the night, but since those golden days, she has had many a growth spurt and will now wake up twice a night! A couple of weeks ago, she was waking up anywhere from 3-5 times a night and I was not a pretty sight in the morning! But she is finally settling down.
She doesn't have any teeth yet but is drooling all over the place and is biting on anything she can get her hands on. I was absolutely amazed at how well she could eat a plain rice cracker with no teeth! She just gummed down and sucked away on it until she could break a piece of! Genius!

To commemorate this day, I have given our tiny living room a little kiwiana nursery makeover! Reia woke up and saw the bold pictures and print and just stared at them for a while. It's exciting to know that one day she will be able to recognize what they are and will be able to recite them to me!

R is for Rugby, E is for Eel, I is for Iceblock, A is for Aotearoa!

1 Whale, 2 Kiwis 3 Weta...

When I look back at her newborn pics, I can't believe how tiny she used to be. And I look at her now and she's HUGE! She's the same size as all the 10 month babies in Japan hehe! But she will always be my little snuggle bunny :D

Can't stand yet but loves to try! Just so you know, I caught her before she fell on her face! Spiderman reflexes, I tell ya!


  1. Yay !! 7 months. She's getting cuter everyday. You sure she didn't head plant?

    1. lol almost!!! i caught her just before she landed on her face ahahhaa inches i tell you!!