16 February 2012

Valentine's Day

This years Valentine's Day was different to what I would normally expect to happen on a typical Valentine's Day. Usually, or at least in my understanding, February 14th is where couples, lovers, and friends do something special to show each other that they love each other. Am I right? It's a two way thing... 90% of the time, right? Well here in Japan it's not. You saw that one coming didn't ya lol. It is a day where girls give the guys chocolates!

There are a bunch of other varieties too like tomo-choko which is when you give chocolates to your friends (tomo is short for tomodachi which means friend and choko is short for chocolate!), giri-choko which is giving out of obligation e.g. co-workers (giri means social obligation or decency), and gyaku-choko (gyaku means opposite) which is where guys give chocolate to girls... which to me would just be like a regular Valentine's Day... but it's not coz it's Japan lol. I just think it's funny coz they have names, like I'm sure if I wanted to give chocolate to my sisters I wouldn't start calling it sibling-choco. But it's all good. On March 14th it's White Day and that's when the guys give back to the girls! ^__^

I don't have a lot of money to burn and so all I can really do is cook lol. I do this every day though so I had to make it special some how. I make Jun's lunch and so I thought I'd be tricky and put a big fat heart right on top of the tuna rice! Well it was supposed to be a surprise, but he thought he'd help out and opened the lid while I was attending to Reia and saw what I was up to, grrrrr! But it's okay ^_^ I also cut out the sweet potato into hearts as well and added a strawberry for extra sweetness!

I made cream cheese and spinach chicken roll ups for dinner (which I forgot to take pics of) and for dessert I made a strawberry and custard tart! This was the first time I have ever made a tart before and I didn't really know what I was doing lol. Cutting into it was... challenging ^_^ The crust turned out just like a hard and crumbly biscuit (or a cookie for my American friends) and after Jun took a bite he goes "Did you add the sugar?" (-__-")ARGH! YES! I DID! But I admit, it was lacking :/ Oh well! Next time I will make it so sweet he will regret the day he mentioned SUGAR!! Haha nah I'm just shame that's all.

I also gave our house a "heart attack" makeover at the last minute. Mostly because I forgot to get a card ^_^

Made some candy hearts for the Young Women :) I had a lot of candy canes and white chocolate left over from Christmas and so I made these (idea from Pinterest). Really easy and cute!

And just quickly, yesterday it was my brothers 21 birthday!!! He is a MAN! Elder Huysmans is currently serving in the Australia Brisbane mission and only has 7 months so go before he's finished!
He was inited over for dinner by the Milner family (THANK YOU!) and got all his presents on time :D
Love you bro! xoxo

Hope you all had a sweet day!


  1. you are so cute. You totally suit Japanese life lol! All the little cute things they do/say. Good job on your cooking!

    1. haha thanks roxy! :D yea japanese life is.... different lol but its fun learning about all the different traditions and things :D xo

  2. Great job Dan, what goes round comes round. Let's see what March brings. That tart looks scrumptious.

    1. why thank you ;) yea lets see what white day brings!! ^____^