04 February 2012

Quick Tip! How to Stop Meat from Sticking to Your Metal Frying Pans

If you have a non-stick pan or pot, then you probably aren't having any problems with your meat when frying. But if you use a stainless steel one like me, then you know what its like trying to fry those chicken pieces with out breaking them up or creating that brown crust on the bottom of the pan! 

It's quite simple really. All you need to do is heat your oil up in the pan, take it off the heat and place it on a damp cloth to cool it back down again. Then add your meat to the pan, give it a quick stir and place it back onto the element. Your meat should now have no problems sticking to the pan while you cook!

I don't know why cooling it down first works, but it does! Knowing this has really saved some of my meals. Some Japanese meats are cut really thinly and if it gets stuck to the pan and I try to save it, it just turns into something resembling mince hahaha! Of course this works for vegetables too. I do this quite often when I make curry or nikujaga  (beef and potatoes). So if you have just realized that this happens to you too, give this a go :D

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  1. oo00h, good tip . . . u know we only have one setting . . . *high* . . . (the gourmet cooks that we are)