02 February 2012

Island Treasures Launching!

Island Treasures is our new website that is exclusive to Polynesian inspired jewelry. It is all made in New Zealand and is available now in Japan! So far we have a mother of pearl range and a paua shell range and they are all gorgeous ^_^

This has been in the making for MONTHS now and it is finally UP! There are still some things that need tweaking and more stock that needs to be uploaded so look forward to that ;). If you haven't already, go check it out and leave us some feedback! :D

Our beautiful model, Tomomi ^_^


  1. AYE? who's site is this cuz? u and jun? x cori ps how do u change the language coz i can't read japanese lol

    1. lol u can't.. yet hahaha it's just a japanese website for now but maybe in the future!

  2. Hey Dan, the website is really good. The pictures are nice and clear with close-ups, plus modeled, and there's lots to choose from. Nice job.