02 February 2012

6 Months Today!

My little infant has grown into a big girl already! She is finally 6 months and nearly a 1 year old! K, extreme, but I have a feeling that these next 6 month will fly by super fast. I can't believe she is already at this mark! It's funny how I can't imagine life without her or remember what it was like before she was born. It feels like she has always been with us somehow.

Here are somethings that she can do:
She can kinda sit up, she can kinda roll over (after 1 roll she gets lazy and lays her head on the ground to have a rest haha), she can put herself to sleep at night, she is starting solids and loves food, she cries if I leave the room, she likes to grab and chew on everything, and she may have developed a small crush on elmo lol.

I'm looking forward to the next 6 months and the surprises and challenges that will come! I am tired all the time and sometimes I get frustrated but when I see that cheeky little smile, it all melts away :)

Mummy loves you Reia xoxo

Can she not grab the spoon out of my hand? Hahaha ^_^


  1. SO CUTE! Wahhhh, happy 6 months, Reia!

  2. bwahahaha!! she wants more!!! i cant believe she's already 6 month!

  3. Replies
    1. luv how she owns that spoon . . . *give it to me already*

  4. Now you know how your parents felt about you then and now. It doesn't go away. BTW, eating solids brings a whole new experience in nappy changing, >_<.
    Happy 6 months Reia.

  5. ummm amen to the whole nappy changing after solids!!! my gosh talk about STINKY!!! oh and constipation was not fun either, there was one time I knew he had to poos cos he hadnt done anything in 5 days and he was getting really cranky so I thought I better run him a nice warm bath. I layed him on the towel to undress him and as i take off his nappy he starts crying and pushing (poor thing!) and he was pushing out a poos but he was struggling because the poos was pretty solid, not mushy at all. I was kneeling next to him holding his legs up cheering him on hahaha i was like his cheerleader or something trying to get him to keep pushing even though he was in pain, poor thing :( But it eventually came out and after he had a nice warm bath he was happy as larry.