27 January 2012

T-Shirt Repurposing: Plastic Bag Holder

This was my little project for yesterday and I am SO GLAD that I have one of these again in my life! We used to have a plastic bag holder back in the nineties that had an opening at the top to put the bags in, and an opening at the bottom to take them out! But then... it disappeared and was replaced by... a plastic bag lol. This is what all my plastic bags have been looking like for the past 2 years... and in this pic they are relatively tame haha usually they are over flowing out of the bag!

Don't act like yours isn't too! Hahaha... :/

 But now they finally have a home :D By the way, the t-shirt says "Inhale, Exhale, Repeat" lol random.
I have been wanting to make one of these for EVER! But as you all should know by now, I don't have a sewing machine -_- (Mum said she's going to send me a mini one! ^_^) and so I had to think out side the box! And speaking of boxes, I have 2 big ones full of clothes that I am trying to get rid of. I thought heyyyy if I use a t-shirt, I don't have to sew the seams! And so I got started. It was kind of a trial and error thing because I wasn't sure how I was going to go about doing this... but anyway

To do this you will need:
a t-shirt
sewing needle and thread

Turn your t-shirt in side out and unpick the side seam stitching on the neckline just enough to fit the elastic through.

 Thread through the elastic using a safety pin or those fancy threaders. I just used a paper clip.
Tie the elastic in a knot, trim, and sew the unpicked part back up.

 Unpick the stitching on the side seam at the bottom of the shirt and thread through more elastic.
Tie, trim, and sew.

 Turn your shirt out so it's right way up and attach some ribbon to the top of the bag on either side of the neck line opening.
(At this stage I felt like the bag was wayyy to fat! I had to make it narrower somehow!)
Turn back inside out. Cut off the sleeves and bring the sides in to the center evenly. Sew up the edges on the sides and cut off the remaining material. Sew up any holes there may be.

Flip the t-shirt back out and you should get something like this!

 Stuff it with plastic bags :)

Hang it on the door or on the wall somewhere. 

At this point in the making I was a bit hmmm about it. It was too long for my liking and kind of insect-y because it was fatter at the bottom ewww... so I gave it the chop! I cut off the bottom, hand stitched a seam, thread through elastic and... 

Voila! Smaller version complete:D I like this one way better than the longer one. It's not the fanciest looking one out there but mehhh it does the trick.

 Put the bags in the top and pull the out from the bottom. It hides all those plastic bags and keeps them all together and not on my kitchen floor;)

Now when that mini sewing machine arrives, look out world!!


  1. wow, how patient are you. yeah it looks much better now. did jun notice? . . .

  2. lol yea he did :D how can he not when this huge sack is hangin on the wall!! haahahha yea i fixed it this morning coz it was annoying me ^_^

  3. i was going to say thats the biggest plastic bag holder ever!! before you cut it LOL

    1. ahhaahahaha i know aye, when i finished i was like uuuuhhh this looks ...weird ahahaha