20 January 2012

Reia's First Snow :)

I woke up this morning to a wonderful sight... SNOW! And a lot of it! I haven't seen a lot of snow in my life so it is always nice to see it (when I'm inside and warm in my pajamas lol). In between my apartment building and the next, there must have been at least 3 different wind currents because the snow seemed to be falling in layers from different directions. It was really pretty :)

Reia was ready to see snow for the first time! We didn't get any pictures in the snow though because it wasn't cold enough to settle, but maybe later on this week if this weather keeps up! We just kinda looked at it from the balcony. That was enough for me anyway haha.

 She loves sticking her tongue out! Maybe she was trying to lick a snowflake

She didn't really react that much... she just stared at it hahaha


 That was so much fun Mummy!!

 OK Tokyo, that is enough snow for me. It was nice looking at it from inside, but after trudging through it for 15 minutes to get to Reia's check up, with wet shoes and socks -_-, I think I can honestly say I am not a winter person. Sorry all you snow lovers out there! The only thing I like about winter are all the hot one pot meals like Nabe! MmMmMmm! Might have to do a post on that.

Oh, and I just finished making a special little project so I will post that tomorrow ;)




  1. oh, yeah, reia was so into it . . . she even stuck her tongue out in curiosity . . . luvin the falling snow shot. . . bring on the snow man:)

  2. damnnn winter ova thea and summer hea! awesum vid cuz! xx corix x

  3. haha yea it was cool while it lasted! wasn't fun walking in it tho lolll would give anything for some HEAT!