19 January 2012

Quick Tip! How to Remove Yellow Baby Poop Stains from Clothing!

I have been doing this ever since Reia was about 1 month old and I was so shocked that the answer to all my yellow problems was so simple! It was after she had had a few EXPLOSIONS that had leaked aaall up her back and onto her nice merino vests that I realized I had a problem. The stains would just not wash out and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on stain removers and things. So I decided to trust in google to find a solution for me. And sure enough it did! I knew there were clever Mum's out there that had already been there and done that. I'm sure a lot of you more experienced Mum's must know this already, but for those of you just starting out with your new bundle of joy, do not panic when your little one stains that gorgeous white blessing gown or that brand new sweater from Grandma! Just follow these simple (and I mean simple) instructions.

Step 1: Remove as much poop from the clothing as you can
Step 2: Wash as you would normally (the sooner the better)
Step 3: Hang or lie flat in a very sunny spot! Make sure there is direct sunlight on the stain
Step 4: Prepare to be amazed as the stain disappears!

That's right everyone, the answer to your problems is sunshine :) I told you it was simple! As a new mum, I was just so amazed that it was that easy! The sun pretty much bleaches out the stain. And the best part is that it's FREE! So if you don't want to spend money on expensive bleaches and cleaners that could irritate baby's skin, then try this. It has worked for me time and time again. The only thing is to make sure that there is continuous sunlight directly on the stain while it's drying. If the garment specifically says not to be put in direct sunlight then... your on your own lol. There have been times when I have given in and used a basic stain spot remover and sunlight together for those extra stubborn stains, I won't lie. And other times I have just given the clothes more sunlight. In the end, the stains should eventually come out.

Now unfortunately, I have read that this only works for babies that are still being breastfed or formula fed. So for those Mums that already have a baby on solids... Oxiclean is your friend lol. Who knows, it might still work? Speaking of which, not long now before Reia starts on solids! I'm not sure what to start her on over here. I have seen some interesting flavours though! There's cheese gratin, kenchin udon (tofu and veges with noodles), cheese dessert, and tomato and fruit dessert! What a selection! There are also some really yummy sounding ones like mango pudding, apple and peach dessert, peach and white grape jelly... wow! However the range from Watties back home also sounds YUM! Custard with strawberry and banana, creamy banana porridge, chicken pasta and veges... MmMmmMm!! 

Oh right, back to the poop lol! Give that a go! It's free and it's always available (except for those rainy days). Today is particularly sunny and I have a lovely load of laundry just waiting to be washed.


*Update* My friend just told me that LEMON JUICE and sunlight works too! Thanks Magali :D

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