23 January 2012

Quick Tip! How to Cut Tomatoes with the Seeds Showing Every Time

This might seem a bit basic to some... but I only learnt this technique a couple years ago and thought it was amazing haha. I guess I am easily impressed! I was at an enrichment activity in Osaka, and one of the ladies was making a salad and just randomly said to me "Do your know how to cut tomatoes?" And I was thinking.. ummm ya? Who doesn't? And then she continued to show me that if you cut across the natural line on the top of a tomato, you will always get the pretty seedy side. I remember thinking what! o_O? You can do that? Hahahah anyway I have been cutting my tomatoes like this ever since :D

I don't know if you can see it, but there is a line going across horizontally across the top of the tomato. It should also be slightly indented.

Cut perpendicular to that line

And you should get the seedy side every time :D

If you don't, then it might turn out like this with only the flesh showing :/

Yay for pretty seedy tomatoes!
The end ^_^

*Side note* These will work well with cherry tomatoes because they are already small and only need to be cut once!

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