28 January 2012

Melted Crayon Art

Ever since I saw this idea on Pinterest, it has been in the back of my mind ever since! I am sure that you have all seen it too :) I have been looking and looking for canvases but can't find them ANYWHERE! So if you are living in Tokyo, and know where to get them... 教えて!! When Mum came over, she brought with her two canvases! Woohoo! My sister Laura just finished hers last week which inspired me to do mine, finally. You can check hers out here and here. They are really pretty! I wanna do a bunch of solid colours as well. This is such an easy and fun project to do with kids or with friends :D I was also thinking, it could be fun to do with the Young Women and have them do like a Young Womens Values version, which is pretty much a rainbow like the one I've done. That is my calling at church and so we might just do that :)

I have seen a lot of these with the crayons glued on to the canvas, but at the last minute I decided I didn't want that. Besides, the crayons I got were HUGE and would have taken up half the canvas anyway. Laura suggested that I hot glue them to card board and put it about the canvas and let them drip! So thats what I did. 

To do this you will need:
a canvas
a heat gun or hair dryer

 Start off with a blank canvas and crayons. You can mix and match them if you like. I chose do the rainbow effect.

 I glued mine onto to a shoe box lid and spaced them apart so that they fit the width of the canvas.

 Put newspaper on the ground and put the shoe box lid on top of the canvas.

And melt!

 Melted crayon art, complete! After doing this you kind of realize that you don't actually need to hot glue the crayons down at all. You can just do it by hand and drip them onto the spots that you want to cover. I started doing that in the end because when they dripped from the shoe box, I found that the top 2 inches didn't accumulate any crayon at all, only the dye. So I just did it myself. I must admit, knowing where to stop is also crucial hahaha I may have gone overboard! 

 Adds a nice pop of colour to my very white and boring wall lol.

Very fun to do and so many possibilities! I want to do another one with Reia's name etched into it somehow... 

If you have a canvas, crayons, and a hair dryer... dooo iiiit!


  1. Is that a hair dryer to help to melt?..

    1. I used a embossing heat gun because it gets really hot! But you can use a hair dryer too :D

  2. Hey, I'm going to give it a try. Looks like fun...

    1. u should pup! its fun az :D

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