11 January 2012

It's a MIRACLE!!

I am trying not to be too hasty in writing this post... BUT I can't help myself! She put herself to SLEEP! Without a peep! I know it can't be due to my awesome parenting skills (lol) so it must be this new thing I have been trying. And I have only started using it literally for 2 days now. Is this too good to be true??

The idea came from Mum who found it on a blog. While Mum was over here in Japan, Reia had been having tummy problems and wasn't able to do number 2's without sounding like she was in complete agony. I thought it might have been constipation... but her poop wasn't hard at all. It was quite the opposite. So I didn't really know what to do. And I'm sure, like many Mum's out there, I felt so helpless when she would cry and stare at me with those EYES as if to say "DO SOMETHING!" Ahhhh breaks my heart every time :( 

Anyway, the idea is too put a warm rice and lavender pack on baby's tummy and swaddle. Easy! The original idea can be found here. The lady who does this originally used a sock but then later spruced it up by sewing a cute pouch for it. I don't have a sewing machine to do anything fancy (I wish!), so poor Reia get's the sock! 

To do this you will need:
1 clean tube sock
2 Cups of rice
Lavender essential oil (I used Doterra)
Microwave for heating

Pour rice into a bowl
Stir in 4 drops of the essential oil into the rice. 
Mix well.
*Essential oil is very concentrated so you only need a little bit. 2 drops per cup should be plenty*
Funnel into a sock and secure with a knot.
Heat in the microwave for about 40 seconds. 
(You don't want it to be too hot!)
Place over baby's tummy and swaddle her in!

I know it sounds pretty basic, but it's working for me! Again, I might be being a little bit hasty here :O but I think that it is such a good idea. And here is the final product! Not much to look at, but it does the trick :D
The life saving sock!
Wasn't that easy? As soon as I did this and slowly rocked her side to side on her back, she stopped crying IMMEDIATELY. I could have been a fluke, but hey I welcome those!

Jun and I decided to start training Reia to put herself to sleep 2 nights ago. Just so you have an idea, Reia does not like to be swaddled and alone while she is still awake! We used the rice pack this time and swaddled her in. The first night she cried and cried for 15 minutes and then fell asleep. I thought to myself that 15 minutes wasn't so bad. But the really baffling part comes next. Last night at 9pm we did the same thing as the night before and swaddled her in with the rice pack. We closed the door and waited for the cries to start. We waited and waited and waited for about 15 minutes. .....nothing. NOTHING! Not a sound! I thought that maybe she was just staring up at the ceiling or something but when Jun checked on her, he came out with a look on his face that could only confirm my suspicions. She had fallen asleep by herself without a sound! This just blew my mind! In fact, since that first night she has even been putting herself to sleep for naps during the day without my assistance. Was it because of the rice pack? Was it because she was just really tired? Is she just ready? I guess I will find out when bed time rolls around tonight!

It must be the combination of warmth and the calming effect of the lavender that does something. I know I will continue using this! At least until her tummy calms down. For all other Mums that may be experiencing the same thing... give this a go! It can't hurt to try :) And if you have a sewing machine, make a pouch for it lol.



  1. . . . so heartbreaking to watch her in agony. Found this info about gripe water that could be given orally before the sock swaddle:


  2. My poor baby in agony :(
    But it's good to hear that the sock pouch is working, but what I think she really needs is a huge hug from her Aunty La. ;)

  3. ive never heard of gripe water before :/ but it sounds interesting! i wonder if they sell that here in japan......
    and lala, i think your right :) your the only one that hasnt been to visit us yeeeeet!!

  4. Dani I love this! A friend just sent me a sample of the lavender essential oil so I am trying this. My little guy does really well if I give him a bath with the Johnosn and Johnson Lavender baby bath. AFter that I put on the Lavender lotion and he can barely keep his eyes open. I was really suspicious that I may be drugging him or something so I used it myself the next night and it even got me super relaxed and ready for sleep!! Is the sock pouch helping her use the bathroom easier as well?

    1. Hey Ashlin! I don't think it has changed how she goes to the bathroom... but it has changed how she goes to sleep that's for sure! I used it again last night and got the same results! I am soooo in love with this! I also have the J&J lavender lotion and baby oil but it doesn't do much for Reia.. but it is good to know that it actually works! I was beginning to think it was all liiiies hahaha :) Hope that the sock works wonders for your little man too :D

  5. oh, go back to the site and re-read the blurb before she shows how to make the pouch and she actually explains about gripe water too. in fact i think she sends you to the same link. lol at aunty laura . . .

  6. I'll go check out the J&J Lavender baby bath oil to send. Thanks Ashlin:)