14 January 2012

I saw Girls Generation!!

I'm not that much of a fan, but my Mum is and so I pretty much took videos and pictures for her sake (you're welcome :P)
Jun and I were at a Jewelry Convention the other day which was HUGE! Makes our ASB Show Grounds look like a car park, honestly! There were people from all over the world selling diamonds and pearls *drool* and security was tight! There must have been millions and millions of dollars worth of jewelry that day! 

When we got there we found out that babies weren't allowed inside :( So Jun and I had to take turns perusing around all the sparkly jewels. While I was waiting for my turn, I noticed that a group had gathered in front of me and people were slowly lining up behind them. I thought that maybe they were all just really eager to listen to the live jazz band that was performing. Jun came out and so it was my turn to go inside and oooohhh myyyyy goodnessss I have never seen sooo many diamonds in my LIFE! They were in PILES! The prettiest sight I have ever seen! Until I saw the price tag. That made me feel a bit swoozy lol. There were also emeralds and rubies and sapphires and gold arghhhhh! So anyway, when I came out of the hall the crowed had increased 10 times! There were people all up the stairs, on the balconies, in swarms! I felt sorry for the security guards because when they were telling everyone to move back, everyone just ignored them and stood still and so the crowed kept growing. I got stuck half way and couldn't make it back to Jun and had to find another way. Just goes to show that no matter where you are in Japan, there will be people and lots of them! A few minutes later from the far left hand side, cameras started flashing and people started running which could only mean that the guests had arrived. They all lined up on the stage. There were also Japanese actresses there, but I only recognized Yuko from the girl group AKB48 and Honda from the Japanese soccer team, and then of course Girls Generation! Some of you might know them as the group that sung that song, Gee :)

Reia was asleep and safe with Daddy and so I pulled out my camera and got lost in the crowd. Everyone else had their phones out ad this one guys ARM was in my direct line of vision so I couldn't get a decent picture without his arm being in the foreground arghhh! But I got the video :) Girls Generation are the ones closest to me!

Actually, now that I've watched both videos, only half of the group came. I don't know who is who but I am sure my Mum could tell me their names.

Famous people and stupid guy's hand on the left >_<
Girls Generation
They were only on stage for about 5 minutes while they were being introduced and then they walked off stage and we never saw them again! I wonder how much they got paid to just stand there o_O? Anyways it was cool. I got my thrills hehe ^^ I never get to see famous people in Japan. Especially for FREE. In New Zealand, you just randomly bump into them at the super market! Aaaah New Zealand. After living in Japan, somehow home feels so.... empty lol. But I like it like that. Gives me more air to breath! I'll be back in September! The meat pies are already on my mind. ...How did I go from Korean Idol Group to meat pies? Perfect illustration of how my mind works. It always goes back to FOOD! Hahaha must be time for lunch.



  1. Luv 'em! My favourite is Yoona! Wow how cool is that. Kamhasamnida:)

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