12 December 2011

Wall Prints

After the realization mentioned on my last post about not having Reia's hand and foot prints anywhere, I thought again and realized, I don't have any prints to showcase either!

So I organized myself, bought some cheap supplies at the 100 yen store (dollar store equiv.) and got started! I actually wanted to put them on canvas but the store didn't sell them so I got some cute colourful picture frames instead!

Things you will need:
Frames that fit your little bubbas hands and feet in
Paint of your choice (Non-toxic)
Some cardboard or thick paper (just make sure the paint doesn't leak or misshape the paper)
and a paint brush!
*Edit* and some wipes and newspaper or something to cover the floor with! It can get really messy really quick!

You might already have precut cardboard, but I didn't so I had to resize them myself!

Paint your baby's hands and feet (one at a time!) and do a few practice prints first to get the excess off.
Then you can either stamp them directly onto your pre-sized paper. Or, you can do it the opposite way and print them onto a large sheet and then cut it out afterwards if that's easier.

These prints by the way were a total fluke!
The rest were so messy lol

Wait for them to dry and stick them into the frames...

Add baby's picture in the middle...

And hang!

So simple and cute ^_^
If I find some canvases I'll do a family version :D


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