08 December 2011

Sick Today

This might be a bit of an over share... or not... but my baby threw up for the first time today.

It wasn't like your usual spit up episode. This was buckets and buckets of milk oozing right into my ready hands. I had to change her clothes three times. It was weird.. she would be completely fine and then if I picked her up she would just start throwing up. This happened about 5 times. The last three times her tummy was empty and so she was just gagging pretty much:(

Sick today :( Chillin with her little chicken!
No wonder she was sleeping and crying all day! I just put it down to she was sleepy and was crying because she couldn't sleep. I hate feeling so helpless during times like these!! The funny thing is that she didn't cry at all. At one point she even smiled, the cheeky little thing.

When Jun got home, we took her to the clinic which is right by my house, and they gave us some medicine. Which, I should add, is inserted up the bottom! She wasn't so content when I gave her a dose of that! The Doctor said that it was just a virus and that it should pass soon. But to expect some diarrhea. And just when I have run out of baby wipes. Typical -_-.

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