23 December 2011

Pinteresting Friday!

Two more days until Christmas!!! Aaah!!!
It's just around the corner, but still doesn't feel like it. There's no pine smell, no warm weather (it's FREEZING over here), no cicadas chirping, no candy canes ANYWHERE... aaaahhh :(
But there are prezziez under the treeeeee! :D That's enough to make anyones day brighter. There are some to me from me under there, I must admit LOL.

This weeks finds are so random lol. I've mostly been looking for something yum to cook for Christmas, but they don't sell the foods that I'm used to over here so I have to use my imagination. There's only two mouths to feed anyway so I still might be over doing it a bit hehe!

Peppermint Cheesecake with crushed Candy Cane on top!
This is what I wanted to make for Christmas Eve... but I couldn't find any peppermint extract or candy canes -_- But I'm sure that even with out it, this would be yummy.

I love this idea :) Such a sweet little summary of the year and milestones accomplished!
Want to do this for Reia Chaaaan :D

I love everything about this little laundry room!
It's compact, the metal finish on the wall, the doors to hide it... ahh!! 
If you could see what what my "laundry room"looks like... you would laugh

Sexy pancakes anyone?
This website is full of fun recipe's like this.
The latest recipe is Hobo Pies lol

This to me just looks sooo delicious! 
I'm a sucker for pasta and pies so this Pasta Pie is so mouth wateriiing

I just started learning how to crochet so this might be an easy project to start with!

When I was back home in New Zealand, I was so tempted to get this done for Reia...
But it was so expensive! This is a DIY version that looks just as nice.

My Mum showed me this website and it probably just as addicting as Pinterest. 
If you are into making crafty things, then this website will take you to different tutorials posted all over the web! I have already found some goodies ^_^

That's all for this week!
Tonight is our Ward Christmas party, tomorrow is our Christmas Eve party, and then it's Christmas Day! It's funny how long we wait for this time of the year and how fast is goes by once it's here.
I haven't hardly listened to enough carols yet!
But anyway...

I hope you all have a fun filled holiday surrounded by people that you love!


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