14 December 2011

Pinteresting Friday!

I wasn't able to "camp" on Pinterest this week as much as I usually do, but it's hard not to find things that inspire you! Here's my fav finds for this week :D

This is the cutest little Santa outfit I have ever seen!
It's too bad I don't have a sewing machine :( Would love this for Reia!

MUST TRY! My, my, my I have so many things on my to-do list before Christmas rolls around!!
Only 9 days to go!! 

OKAAYYY I sooo need to try and make this! There is a tutorial on this chicks website for those that already know how to crochet! I don't know how to... but this scarf really makes me want to learn!
Chunky Circle Scarf Tutorial

I am OBSESSED with this little bauble! Such another good idea for Baby's first Christmas!
I actually went out and got everything I need to make it yesterday! But I can't find the glass baubles anywhere :( *Sigh* Someone send me some! :D

I love how this dress is so cheeky and shows off the ruffled nappy cover! Nan's next project? ;)

Such a good idea! I don't know why I never thought of this lol. I know how annoying it is to always adjust my tops so this is perfect. It looks easy enough to do as well.

OMG I saw these, went to go buy them on Etsy, but someone else had bought them already! NOOOO!! They reminded me of the earrings Angelina Jolie wore that one time. I think you all know the ones I'm talking about. I love emerald green and so these would have been perfect! :(

Loving this kitchen! Look at those floor boards! That island! The appliances! The dinnerware!
One can dream...

A really cute idea to display somewhere in the home :) I just need to find some blocks...

And lastly, this has got to be the cutest series of photos I have ever seen!! Once Reia learns how to sit up, I am doing this!

So many crafty projects, so little time!
At the moment, my living room is literally littered with mini projects that I have going on haha.
Will post them when they're complete!


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  1. . . . that bra strap idea is very useful . . .