25 December 2011


Reia's first Christmas today! And all she wants to do is sleep! Best Christmas present evaaaah lol not that I don't like her being awake or anything... :D Someone must have spiked the milk :O

She got so many clothes! Lucky little girl and she doesn't even know it yet.

Today we went to a baptism at 9, had church at 10, then from church, we all went Christmas caroling at an old home. It was really nice :D It's not what I would usually do on a Christmas morning, but it felt really good to give service on Christmas for a change. Jun wants to do things like that for Christmas, whereas  I am all about the food and presents! But I think a combination of the two would be a good idea.

There was a ridiculous sale at Baby Gap and so I went to town and got her soooo many cute outfits! What should have been about $300USD, ended up costing only $70USD!!! Crazy!! I got her the cutest Christmas dress to wear to church today. Adorabllllle. 
And then she got more clothes from Baby Gap from other friends too, plus our very own Pumpkin Patch from Nan back home :D

I got Jun a massage contraption that we saw on tv and it is so goooood. You place it on your shoulders and it heats up and all that. Really nice. It's hard to buy for him because he doesn't want or need anything! So for extras, I just ended up buying him toiletries and "room socks" which are like a mixture of socks and slippers. I might go back and get me some :D

Jun got me a new couch! Yay! For the past year we have been sitting on the FLOOR which is normal in Japan and I have gotten used to it, but it was time that we got one. And we finally did. I found the perfect couch in the department store across from my house. It is the couch that Reia is sleeping on in the picture above. Feels sooo nice to have something cushioned to sit on! 
I also got a pressure cooker! Can't wait to start using it :D It cooks rice in 4 minutes O_O Imagine all the things I could cook with that! It would save me so much time!
I also got myself clothes from Forever 21. That is like that only shop that doesn't make me feel like a heffer hahaha so I bought heaps! Loving the sales this season!

Mum sent me some gorgeous frames I need to share them!

 I love this!! Found an awesome site with these printables on it and Mum loved it too so she made it for me! Love it!

This frame is sooo pretty! It has like a golden sheen to it that you can't see here. And this pic is from when we got engaged :D

This is my fav! You must have all seen this on Pinterest by now :)

I think every Mum should do this!!! So beautiful. Thanks Mum!

I was expecting to be cooking up a storm today, but last night we had a Christmas party with the missionaries and some friends. We have waaay to much food left over and there's no way that Jun and I can finish everything, so I don't need to cook after all! Another awesome Christmas prezzie :D
Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary. I'll cook something yum tomorrow.

Aaah, spoke to soon. She's awake! Slept about 5 hours! 
What a good little girl :)

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

The Makise Family


  1. Cool! I love the 'i am a child of god' frame. i want one for my house!

  2. WOW, Im loving your blog and I definately love the frame of the Princess and thats just so beautiful how your mother made it..your definately spoilt:D:D