12 December 2011


It occurred to me about 2 weeks ago, that I still hadn't gotten a copy of Reia's hand or foot prints yet and she is already 4 months old. Why I never got it done when she was first born, I will never know.

It was long over due and so last week I got cracking and finally got them done!
And she fought me every step of the way.
So they are a little messy -_-

These are the practice ones. I soon realized that this was going to be no easy feat as her hands are always curled into tight fists! I had to pry them open. And even then, this was the result lol

Black apron just incase! 
Had a tough time washing this off!

Finally! Ughh! Her feet were the easiest and her left hand was OK too. But when I got to her right hand, she had had enough and tried screwing her hand into a fist, but I caught it just before she could! We ended up having a mini wrestle on the paper to get the hand print. I was going to say that I won, but when you count her fingers, there are 6. So. Reia won. -_-

But there they are! Finally on paper! It just goes to show you how fast babies actually grow. When she was born, I'm sure they were half this size!

By the way, we are both still trying to get the black ink out from under our nails. So if you do this, make sure it is safe for baby!


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