17 December 2011

Harajuku Girls!

Pretty Reia
 Yesterday I met up with my friend Naomi! She had come from Osaka to see CN Blue (a Korean boy band!). I hadn't been shopping in the loooongest and so we went to Harajuku to shop at Forever 21! It is pretty much the only affordable shop that has my size excluding shoes. Lol. That's a whole other story. Basically, the average size over here is M for medium. I am, wait for it,
Hahahaha talk about making a person feel HUGE!

We went to Nakano first to buy some Naruto and Dragon Ball Z things for my brothers Christmas prezzie. You would think that Anime merchandise would be everywhere in Japan but it's actually not. Only in certain areas.

For lunch we couldn't decide what we wanted to eat and finally settled with this sweet little cafe. I had the beef stew with the omelet on rice and pizza, and Naomi had the pasta. The stew was seriously good. Nice and hearty! And the omelet was so light and fluffy.

Because I'm breastfeeding, I was still really hungry afterwards LOL so we had Christmas crepes! Harajuku is known for its crepes and these were only available for a limited time so it was a no brainer. SO GOOD too! Usually the crepes are mostly cream with a bit of fruit and maybe some ice cream. Still yum, but this one had strawberries, pistachios, raspberry sauce and a chocolate fudge brownie to top it off and I can honestly say that it was the nicest crepe I've ever had! If you have a chance, you should definitely go and try it! 


We spent maybe 2 hours in Forever 21. It is so much harder to shop when you have a baby and a pram lol. But we made it work. I just tried on the clothes in the store rather than the changing rooms and luckily there's an elevator to use. I would looove to do a haul right now but I have decided to put it under the Christmas tree and wait patiently before I wear anything! So hard to do! My Christmas present to myself. I also bought myself a pressure cooker ;) So we'll see how that goes.

Such a fun day and Reia was such a good little girl too. She is getting the shopping bug very early!

Can't wait until she's old enough to go shopping with me!


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