27 November 2011

Happy 2 Year Anniversary :)

It was our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on the 26th! Time has flown by so quickly, but at the same time it feels like it has been forever!

The day started off at 12am after I got out of the shower. Such a Jun thing to do lol. I was getting dressed into my PJ's when Jun popped his head in the door and said "Dani, someone texted you"and then nonchalantly went back to the living room. My phone was in the kitchen and the text was from Jun. It said "Happy Anniversary! Check the door of the cupboard on the left hand side." I giggled at first because Jun was sitting down at the computer pretending like he didn't know what was going on. So I got into gear and checked cupboard. On the inside of the door was a clue which led me to behind the T.V.. A treasure hunt! I don't think I have done a treasure hunt in years! Anyway, the clues took me all over the house, and even outside on the veranda in the freezing cold. They eventually led me to the front of the house in the hot water cupboard. Inside was a note that said "Haha I got you! Now come back inside." At this point I was thinking, was that it? Lol, either he just wanted to see me run around the house or there is something else... And there was! When I went back inside, there was a big bouquet of pink, red and white flowers waiting for me on the table next to a grinning husband. He's such a romantic. I'm hopeless! They are so pretty :) Nothing like receiving flowers unexpectedly!

Jun worked all yesterday and we were supposed to go out to dinner last night, but I wanted to cook him dinner instead. There was a block of pork belly sitting in the fridge which was screaming, "Eat Me!" So we did :)

All I did was rub salt and rosemary and olive oil into the skin after making slits across it. Chopped up some veges, placed them in a baking tray, placed the pork on top and roasted it for 90 mins. For the first 15 minutes, I roasted it at 240C to get the skin nice and brown, then turned it down to 170C for the remaining time. I had actually forgotten to season the vegetables, but because pork belly is so fatty, they pretty much seasoned themselves. How nice :)

I kinda just dumped it all on a plate lol. No time for presentation when your STARVING!
Hoeing into it!
OK these photos don't do the pork any justice, but it was sooo JUICY and SOFT! Yum!! The skin was too though so that was a bit of a bummer.
It aaall went and Jun was full... but I was still hungry. I blame breastfeeding hehe.

For dessert we had strawberry parfaits! I kinda just made it up from what I have had before. 
I put corn flakes at the bottom, then the whipped cream thats mixed that with some strawberry yoghurt, strawberries, cut up pieces of a strawberry milk muffin, the cream mixture again and then cornflakes, all topped with hokey pokey ice cream, a strawberry and more muffin! It was actually really good. I surprised myself! 

*Side note* I was sitting on the couch with Reia and saying "Strawberries!" when all of a sudden she says "srawbs" O_O! I don't know if that counts or not as a word.... but it was pretty close!! So cute!

Happy husband :)
I spent the rest of the cleaning out the room that my Mum will be using as she is coming to Japan TODAY! I have to go pick her up  in a few hours :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!



  1. Hahaha, the treasure hunt lolololol. Happy anniversary! Oh and baby said srawbs!

  2. hahaha yeah!! i dunno fi it was just a random sound or if she was trying to speak to meeeeeeee!! i think the later :) OOH mums here!! skyyyype!!