12 December 2011

DIY Christmas Wreath for under $5

Hi all!

I have been meaning to get a Christmas wreath for the longest time but they are all roughly about $30-40 bucks >_< Some of them are GORGEOUS so I don't actually mind buying them but I thought about making my own just to try. So yesterday, that's what I did!

The closest craft shop to my house is very tiny and is mostly catered towards sewing... and I don't own a sewing machine so it's hard to find the things I need to make what I want. But anyway...

I picked up this small styrofoam ring to start with 

Then I added some ribbon

Secured it with double sided tape

 Used my handy dandy hot glue gun to stick on some fake poinsettia's that I had left over from last Christmas. Attached a bell to fill in the middle aaaand...

Christmas wreath complete!

This was suuuper easy to make and took about 30 minutes. And mostly because I couldn't make up my about what I was going to put on it.
It cost me less than $5 as well :D

Styrofoam ring - $3
Poisettia's - 50 cents
Red ribbon - 50 cents
Gold Bell - 20 cents
Gold ribbon - 10 cents
TOTAL - $4.30

I was originally going to fill the whole wreath with flowers and completely cover the ribbon, but it was just too nice that I left it visible. 

The wreath that I actually wanted to make looks something like this 

Isn't it beautiful!!
But I didn't have enough ornaments to use :( So I made the one above instead for the time being BUT I'm going to get a new styrofoam ring and ornaments and try it! It's too cute not to! I wanna stick it right above the TV! I wish that the craft shop sold bigger rings though :( This one makes my one look sooo budget hahahaha well... it is so.. never mind. But isn't this the nicest wreath evaaah??

Cant wait!



  1. Awww I love your wreath :) you make me wanna make one as well so I might attempt that next week when I have hubby at home on holiday to run around for me hehe keep it up! x

  2. It's so cute!! You are very talented!
    I wanna try making one once I arrive in Hawaii.

  3. They are so cute! I wish I'm more creative!!