25 December 2011


Reia's first Christmas today! And all she wants to do is sleep! Best Christmas present evaaaah lol not that I don't like her being awake or anything... :D Someone must have spiked the milk :O

She got so many clothes! Lucky little girl and she doesn't even know it yet.

Today we went to a baptism at 9, had church at 10, then from church, we all went Christmas caroling at an old home. It was really nice :D It's not what I would usually do on a Christmas morning, but it felt really good to give service on Christmas for a change. Jun wants to do things like that for Christmas, whereas  I am all about the food and presents! But I think a combination of the two would be a good idea.

There was a ridiculous sale at Baby Gap and so I went to town and got her soooo many cute outfits! What should have been about $300USD, ended up costing only $70USD!!! Crazy!! I got her the cutest Christmas dress to wear to church today. Adorabllllle. 
And then she got more clothes from Baby Gap from other friends too, plus our very own Pumpkin Patch from Nan back home :D

I got Jun a massage contraption that we saw on tv and it is so goooood. You place it on your shoulders and it heats up and all that. Really nice. It's hard to buy for him because he doesn't want or need anything! So for extras, I just ended up buying him toiletries and "room socks" which are like a mixture of socks and slippers. I might go back and get me some :D

Jun got me a new couch! Yay! For the past year we have been sitting on the FLOOR which is normal in Japan and I have gotten used to it, but it was time that we got one. And we finally did. I found the perfect couch in the department store across from my house. It is the couch that Reia is sleeping on in the picture above. Feels sooo nice to have something cushioned to sit on! 
I also got a pressure cooker! Can't wait to start using it :D It cooks rice in 4 minutes O_O Imagine all the things I could cook with that! It would save me so much time!
I also got myself clothes from Forever 21. That is like that only shop that doesn't make me feel like a heffer hahaha so I bought heaps! Loving the sales this season!

Mum sent me some gorgeous frames I need to share them!

 I love this!! Found an awesome site with these printables on it and Mum loved it too so she made it for me! Love it!

This frame is sooo pretty! It has like a golden sheen to it that you can't see here. And this pic is from when we got engaged :D

This is my fav! You must have all seen this on Pinterest by now :)

I think every Mum should do this!!! So beautiful. Thanks Mum!

I was expecting to be cooking up a storm today, but last night we had a Christmas party with the missionaries and some friends. We have waaay to much food left over and there's no way that Jun and I can finish everything, so I don't need to cook after all! Another awesome Christmas prezzie :D
Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary. I'll cook something yum tomorrow.

Aaah, spoke to soon. She's awake! Slept about 5 hours! 
What a good little girl :)

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

The Makise Family

23 December 2011

Blast from the Past

Thought I'd share a song with you guys :D 
"Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys 
I love this song!

My sister and I sung this for Father's Day a couple of years ago while we were at work. Watching this video brings back so many memories of those times. So much has changed since then. 
I sooo want to go back to those days!

I neeeed to go back to Hawaii. I miss my tan. lol.

Pinteresting Friday!

Two more days until Christmas!!! Aaah!!!
It's just around the corner, but still doesn't feel like it. There's no pine smell, no warm weather (it's FREEZING over here), no cicadas chirping, no candy canes ANYWHERE... aaaahhh :(
But there are prezziez under the treeeeee! :D That's enough to make anyones day brighter. There are some to me from me under there, I must admit LOL.

This weeks finds are so random lol. I've mostly been looking for something yum to cook for Christmas, but they don't sell the foods that I'm used to over here so I have to use my imagination. There's only two mouths to feed anyway so I still might be over doing it a bit hehe!

Peppermint Cheesecake with crushed Candy Cane on top!
This is what I wanted to make for Christmas Eve... but I couldn't find any peppermint extract or candy canes -_- But I'm sure that even with out it, this would be yummy.

I love this idea :) Such a sweet little summary of the year and milestones accomplished!
Want to do this for Reia Chaaaan :D

I love everything about this little laundry room!
It's compact, the metal finish on the wall, the doors to hide it... ahh!! 
If you could see what what my "laundry room"looks like... you would laugh

Sexy pancakes anyone?
This website is full of fun recipe's like this.
The latest recipe is Hobo Pies lol

This to me just looks sooo delicious! 
I'm a sucker for pasta and pies so this Pasta Pie is so mouth wateriiing

I just started learning how to crochet so this might be an easy project to start with!

When I was back home in New Zealand, I was so tempted to get this done for Reia...
But it was so expensive! This is a DIY version that looks just as nice.

My Mum showed me this website and it probably just as addicting as Pinterest. 
If you are into making crafty things, then this website will take you to different tutorials posted all over the web! I have already found some goodies ^_^

That's all for this week!
Tonight is our Ward Christmas party, tomorrow is our Christmas Eve party, and then it's Christmas Day! It's funny how long we wait for this time of the year and how fast is goes by once it's here.
I haven't hardly listened to enough carols yet!
But anyway...

I hope you all have a fun filled holiday surrounded by people that you love!


21 December 2011

DIY Hand Print Ornament

I have been in love with a certain hand print ornament for weeks now. It was on last weeks Pinteresting Friday post. I couldn't wait to make it but I had a major set back. I couldn't find any glass baubles anywhere! Only online from America, but by the time they would have arrived, it would have been 2012 already :( So I took one of the plastic baubles from my Christmas tree so test it out and was quite pleased with the results :D

To do this you will need:
A bauble (preferably clear glass)
Embossing ink
Embossing powder
Heat gun

1. Prep your child! Have wet wipes on hand and newspaper for the floor to catch the excess glitter

2. Stamp your child's hand onto the embossing ink pad. Get it nice and inky! 

3. Carefully stamp child's hand onto bauble. 
When I say carefully, I mean watch out that your Dear Baby doesn't decide to scrunch her fingers into a fist at the last second! My first attempt ended up looking like a blob >_< 
(No photo for this as unfortunately I don't have 3 arms lol)

4. Dust the freshly stamped print with embossing glitter. 
Make sure to pack it on and get all the stamped spots!

 5. Tap off the excess glitter and clean up the edges with a q-tip.
Wipe the remainder of the bauble with a wet wipe. 
Make sure that it's clean before you use the heat gun or you will have a speckled bauble.

6. Use the heat gun to seal the powder onto the bauble.
It will end up melting, leaving a nice finish.
It's important that you try disperse the heat evenly and not concentrate on one spot for too long.
If you don't, your bauble will melt too!
This is why it might be better to use glass. But if you heat it carefully, plastic works too.

Attach a ribbon and hang it up every year to remember how tiny those hands once were:)


17 December 2011

Harajuku Girls!

Pretty Reia
 Yesterday I met up with my friend Naomi! She had come from Osaka to see CN Blue (a Korean boy band!). I hadn't been shopping in the loooongest and so we went to Harajuku to shop at Forever 21! It is pretty much the only affordable shop that has my size excluding shoes. Lol. That's a whole other story. Basically, the average size over here is M for medium. I am, wait for it,
Hahahaha talk about making a person feel HUGE!

We went to Nakano first to buy some Naruto and Dragon Ball Z things for my brothers Christmas prezzie. You would think that Anime merchandise would be everywhere in Japan but it's actually not. Only in certain areas.

For lunch we couldn't decide what we wanted to eat and finally settled with this sweet little cafe. I had the beef stew with the omelet on rice and pizza, and Naomi had the pasta. The stew was seriously good. Nice and hearty! And the omelet was so light and fluffy.

Because I'm breastfeeding, I was still really hungry afterwards LOL so we had Christmas crepes! Harajuku is known for its crepes and these were only available for a limited time so it was a no brainer. SO GOOD too! Usually the crepes are mostly cream with a bit of fruit and maybe some ice cream. Still yum, but this one had strawberries, pistachios, raspberry sauce and a chocolate fudge brownie to top it off and I can honestly say that it was the nicest crepe I've ever had! If you have a chance, you should definitely go and try it! 


We spent maybe 2 hours in Forever 21. It is so much harder to shop when you have a baby and a pram lol. But we made it work. I just tried on the clothes in the store rather than the changing rooms and luckily there's an elevator to use. I would looove to do a haul right now but I have decided to put it under the Christmas tree and wait patiently before I wear anything! So hard to do! My Christmas present to myself. I also bought myself a pressure cooker ;) So we'll see how that goes.

Such a fun day and Reia was such a good little girl too. She is getting the shopping bug very early!

Can't wait until she's old enough to go shopping with me!


14 December 2011

Pinteresting Friday!

I wasn't able to "camp" on Pinterest this week as much as I usually do, but it's hard not to find things that inspire you! Here's my fav finds for this week :D

This is the cutest little Santa outfit I have ever seen!
It's too bad I don't have a sewing machine :( Would love this for Reia!

MUST TRY! My, my, my I have so many things on my to-do list before Christmas rolls around!!
Only 9 days to go!! 

OKAAYYY I sooo need to try and make this! There is a tutorial on this chicks website for those that already know how to crochet! I don't know how to... but this scarf really makes me want to learn!
Chunky Circle Scarf Tutorial

I am OBSESSED with this little bauble! Such another good idea for Baby's first Christmas!
I actually went out and got everything I need to make it yesterday! But I can't find the glass baubles anywhere :( *Sigh* Someone send me some! :D

I love how this dress is so cheeky and shows off the ruffled nappy cover! Nan's next project? ;)

Such a good idea! I don't know why I never thought of this lol. I know how annoying it is to always adjust my tops so this is perfect. It looks easy enough to do as well.

OMG I saw these, went to go buy them on Etsy, but someone else had bought them already! NOOOO!! They reminded me of the earrings Angelina Jolie wore that one time. I think you all know the ones I'm talking about. I love emerald green and so these would have been perfect! :(

Loving this kitchen! Look at those floor boards! That island! The appliances! The dinnerware!
One can dream...

A really cute idea to display somewhere in the home :) I just need to find some blocks...

And lastly, this has got to be the cutest series of photos I have ever seen!! Once Reia learns how to sit up, I am doing this!

So many crafty projects, so little time!
At the moment, my living room is literally littered with mini projects that I have going on haha.
Will post them when they're complete!


12 December 2011

DIY Mini Erase Board

I have seen this all over blogland and it looked easy enough, so I gave it a go. 
(I always pick the easy ones haha!)

Seeing as it is the season, I wanted it to be a little more festive than stylish, so I used wrapping paper for the inside instead of scrap booking paper.

All you need is:
a frame with a glass (or even plastic) cover to write on
patterned paper of your choice
and a whiteboard marker

Just fit the paper to the size of your frame and you have an instant erase board!
Write messages on it and display it somewhere in your home :)

If you want to change it up a bit, you can change the background, erase the message and write something else!

Too easy!

Next! lol


Wall Prints

After the realization mentioned on my last post about not having Reia's hand and foot prints anywhere, I thought again and realized, I don't have any prints to showcase either!

So I organized myself, bought some cheap supplies at the 100 yen store (dollar store equiv.) and got started! I actually wanted to put them on canvas but the store didn't sell them so I got some cute colourful picture frames instead!

Things you will need:
Frames that fit your little bubbas hands and feet in
Paint of your choice (Non-toxic)
Some cardboard or thick paper (just make sure the paint doesn't leak or misshape the paper)
and a paint brush!
*Edit* and some wipes and newspaper or something to cover the floor with! It can get really messy really quick!

You might already have precut cardboard, but I didn't so I had to resize them myself!

Paint your baby's hands and feet (one at a time!) and do a few practice prints first to get the excess off.
Then you can either stamp them directly onto your pre-sized paper. Or, you can do it the opposite way and print them onto a large sheet and then cut it out afterwards if that's easier.

These prints by the way were a total fluke!
The rest were so messy lol

Wait for them to dry and stick them into the frames...

Add baby's picture in the middle...

And hang!

So simple and cute ^_^
If I find some canvases I'll do a family version :D



It occurred to me about 2 weeks ago, that I still hadn't gotten a copy of Reia's hand or foot prints yet and she is already 4 months old. Why I never got it done when she was first born, I will never know.

It was long over due and so last week I got cracking and finally got them done!
And she fought me every step of the way.
So they are a little messy -_-

These are the practice ones. I soon realized that this was going to be no easy feat as her hands are always curled into tight fists! I had to pry them open. And even then, this was the result lol

Black apron just incase! 
Had a tough time washing this off!

Finally! Ughh! Her feet were the easiest and her left hand was OK too. But when I got to her right hand, she had had enough and tried screwing her hand into a fist, but I caught it just before she could! We ended up having a mini wrestle on the paper to get the hand print. I was going to say that I won, but when you count her fingers, there are 6. So. Reia won. -_-

But there they are! Finally on paper! It just goes to show you how fast babies actually grow. When she was born, I'm sure they were half this size!

By the way, we are both still trying to get the black ink out from under our nails. So if you do this, make sure it is safe for baby!