17 November 2011

Welcome to the World, Reia Liline Makise!

On the 2nd of August of 2011, our baby girl finally arrived!

Heaps of people say that my labour was easy as, and I guess it was compared to other labour stories I've heard, but it definitely was NOT an easy task birthing a child!

I was 5 days over due and timing was crucial! I remember stressing about about my husband coming to New Zealand and if he was going to make it in time for the birth or if he would be too early and have to fly back to Japan without seeing Reia. But everything worked out perfectly in the end.
I started getting light contractions the night before and then at 2am the next morning they started to get stronger. I couldn't sleep that night because it was so uncomfortable. The contractions lasted all day but it was only until about 4pm that they really started to hurt. I decided that I could handle for another hour and by that time, I was in so much pain and that is when we went to the hospital!

My waters hadn't broken yet so my midwife had to break them for me and saw that Reia was pretty much ready to come out so I started pushing straight away. It took about 3 big pushes and she was out! It was over so quickly and she was placed straight on to my chest. It was such an amazing feeling! I couldn't get over the fact that she had been in my belly that whole time and then there she was, with all of this hair, healthy and beautiful!

She is now 3 and a half months and growing way too fast. So far her main milestones have been smiling, holding up her neck, grabbing things, tracking things with her eyes, gurgling and blabbering away, putting herself to sleep, sleeping for 4-5 hours at night, and recently she has learnt how to suck her thumb! Quite a lot to learn in 3 months if you ask me!

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