01 December 2010

My New Ipu Heke!

It's here!!!

and my tiny Christmas tree ^_^

I have been organizing myself to buy an ipu heke for a couple of months now, and yesterday it finally came! All the way from California! I worked with a really nice lady from the thegourdconnection.com
and she was very helpful. She went down to Mexico to get a new batch of gourds and mine was one of them!

I wish I knew how to tie the rope like that

I got the 21.5 inch size which is perfect for me, and she also threw in a free braided rope.

It was a bit expensive, but so worth it. I love everything about it! The shape, it's character, the sound... 
The gourd itself was $170 USD which sounded good to me compared to other websites I had visited.

Anyway, I can't wait to use it and do some kahiko! 


  1. hoooo!!! kumu dani!!! lol can i come be in ur halau?! lol

  2. hahahahahah first of all come back to japannnn!!!