15 December 2010

Nakedness and Doctors..

Why is it that every time I have been to the Doctors over here... I've had to get naked?! o_O?? Why are Japanese so comfortable with revealing their goodies? Is it an asian thing? Is it because they're skinnier than the western world that they don't have body issues? Or is it because they were raised with the hot springs where they get naked anyway...

Whatever the reason, the Doctors now scare me. What used to be a pleasant experience with free lollies is now lollie-less appointment with me in my birthday suit and with at least two other people gawking at me. Every time I go in I never know what they might ask me to take off or what they want to examine! It's sooo embarrassingggggg >_< and they always tell me to relax and just get used to it, but I can't help thinking that if this were in New Zealand, I wouldn't have to strip down at all. And it's not even like I have any extreme kind of condition! It's like if they wanna check your pulse, you have to take your top off! Whyyyyyyyyyy!?

I guess Japanese just want to be really... thorough. 

01 December 2010

My New Ipu Heke!

It's here!!!

and my tiny Christmas tree ^_^

I have been organizing myself to buy an ipu heke for a couple of months now, and yesterday it finally came! All the way from California! I worked with a really nice lady from the thegourdconnection.com
and she was very helpful. She went down to Mexico to get a new batch of gourds and mine was one of them!

I wish I knew how to tie the rope like that

I got the 21.5 inch size which is perfect for me, and she also threw in a free braided rope.

It was a bit expensive, but so worth it. I love everything about it! The shape, it's character, the sound... 
The gourd itself was $170 USD which sounded good to me compared to other websites I had visited.

Anyway, I can't wait to use it and do some kahiko!