15 November 2010

Numb Thumb??

Hey! Can anyone help me with this?

About 2 weeks ago, I went to school as usual. Nothing new, nothing old. When I was there, my nose got itchy and so I rubbed it with the side of my thumb. It was only then that I realized that my thumb felt funny. Kind of like steel covered in stocking material. Cold and smooth. It felt like it wasn't a part of my body anymore, like a prosthetic limb acting as my thumb.

After much pinching and prodding, I concluded that from the knuckle down, the thumb on my right hand was numb. Why? I have no idea! I just woke up that day and it was like that.

Oddly enough, when I looked online, there were a lot of other people that complained about the exact same thing! Numbness in the right thumb from the knuckle down. As if it wasn't weird enough already!

I thought it would have gone away by now but it looks like “Numb Thumb“ is here to stay.

Has anyone had this before? Can anyone tell me what this is?!

Save my thumb!! >___< lol

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