05 November 2010

The BIG 24!! O_O

My birthday crept up on me again this year. 
Before I even had a chance to fully accept that I was crossing the border line from YOUNG to have-some-babies-already!!-OLD (sorry to all my elders out there ^^), I dragged my feet over to the dark side. To me, 23 is the cut off age for claiming youth. From there on up you only gain more weight and loose more hair. Having said that, I turned 24 on November 3rd.   
Jun's craftsmanship
The week started off with receiving packages from my parents back in New Zealand! From my Pup, I got 2 pairs of shoes (which I desperately needed, as Japan has no Polynesian sizes apparently... but thats a whole other blog), and some NZ chocolate! I loved the shoes and dug into the choco stash straight away.
From Mum I got a a "Sweet As" art panel which I LOVE and a Pandora's Box bracelet charm! THANK YOU!! ^_^
Mum... why did you write Daniel? lol

On the actual day of my birthday, I woke up to a confused husband, fumbling around in the kitchen, apparently trying to bake me a cake. After a lot of effort, but not much success, we decided to got to Harajuku for some butter chicken and shopping instead! 

Soooo packed!!

After that, we went to Shinjuku to look for my present from Jun which was a brand spanking new MACBOOK PRO!! OMG!! It's so pretty! I love it ^___^

For dinner, we met up with Chieko, Tomo, and Shun at a fancy Japanese restaurant. The place was really nice but was way too expensive for the portions they gave us. I think it's safe to say that we all walked out starving.

Then we went to Karaoke! I hadn't been in so long so it was a very much anticipated trip. I sung my usual fav's along with some newies. Tomo and Chieko did a duet which was fun, Shun sung the types of songs Shun always sings (I missed his singing so much!), and Jun stuck to his B'z! I kept on telling Jun and Shun that it didn't feel the same singing News and Utada without Ric -_-.


After karaoke, we went to grab some ramen coz we were still hungry!

This whole week has just been awesome. People from work and church, and heaps of others, have practically been stuffing presents and cards into my arms!

I guess being 24 isn't so bad after all ^_^


  1. lol just now i was like dammmit where is the stupid like button??then i remembered -_- lovely blog Dany :)!

  2. oh my goodness they have butter chicken!! how is it??

    i miss singing utada and news at karaoke with you too!!!

    and that is my favourite karaoke song of jun's!!