29 October 2010


I made okonomiyaki the other night and was quite suprized with the result! Every time I attempt to make this dish I always screw it up. You would think after the 5th time I would have gotten it by now, considering how simple it is. But alas, it was on the 6th time that my brain started to function again.

The trick to making it is getting the right consistency. You need to add just the right amount of flour and water (or special okonomiyaki powder and dashi stock) to get the right consistency. If you don't get that right it's either gonna be too runny and won't set right in the pan, or too solid and hard to eat. The beauty about this dish is that you can basically add what ever you like to the batter. I love it with beef and extra eggs to make it soft and fluffy ^_^

If you wanna learn how to make it, here's a good tutorial and recipe:

You don't have to add all those things mentioned in the link, the main ingredients are flour, water, cabbage, egg, and some thinly sliced meat.

Once you get the batter down, the next obstacle is flipping the thing!! That might take some practice, or two spatulas in either hand.

Anyways, if you feel like some easy Japanese cooking, try okonomiyakiiiiii! Top with mayo and bbq sauce (if you don't have okonomiyaki sauce).

Bubye ^_^