31 October 2010

Halloween and Finger Cookies

Last night we had our ward Halloween party! Every year, I am always amazed at how confident full grown men can be while wearing spandex and speedos...

Ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins all came floating into the hall waiting for the party to start. The walls and the roof were all decorated with floating pumpkins and black bats. Eyeball muffins, bubbling cauldrons of drink, and, surprisingly, hayashi rice were arranged neatly on the tables.

Eyeball Muffins
Waiting to eat!
Bubbling cauldrons

I was asked to make the finger cookies. I had never made these before but was saved when I found an awesome recipe online for witches fingers with almonds for nails. What started off as long, bony witch fingers, soon turned into fat ogre toes!! They looked more like slugs with beaks. The baking powder made them rise twice their original size. They looked absolutely disgusting, which I think was the whole point. The good news is that they tasted really good!
Witchy fingers!
They were a hit! Well, at least with the adults. I got a lot of "Uuuuuwaaaaa O_O" comments and "They look so real o_O!" comments. I don't even think the kids knew what they were looking at!

Jun and I
Super Mario!
The missionaries getting into the spirit!
Abandoned baby!! Jk, just sleeping ^^
After everyone had eaten and had played the games, we gathered back in the main room to hit some piñatas! Everyone had a turn at whacking and thrashing poor old Jack O' Lantern and Mr. Skull head. It took us quite a while to crack them open. About 30 minutes! I quietly thought to myself that in New Zealand, it would had taken about 5 ^_^.

Hope that you all had a happy Halloween!


  1. WOW! our primary had one on friday nite. catch pics on the donsons page. their finger foods werent as good as yours tho. and those eyeball. cool. but darci and eki were the shreks and they looked awesome. send me the link for the finges and im gonna do it for fhe tonite. who did the eyeballs? 04awesome guyz:)

  2. what did u go as?? and did jun go as nothing lol
    hahahaa at pinata!! 5 minutes?...more like 2 seconds if you were first in line hahahaha

  3. LOL! i told jun about that!! ahahhahahahaa shhhhhhhhh

  4. ugh, your cookies looks nasty. i wouldn't have eaten it!!! LOL