27 October 2010

Asian Tim Tam's???

I found a new flavour of Tim Tams today, "Choco Strawberry," which I have never seen or heard of anywhere before. So naturally I bought them to try them out. At 298円 it was pretty reasonable compared to other places that sell them for 600円 a pack!

At first glance, both the packet and the flavour neither looked or sounded appealing. But who knows? I might end up being suprized. I open the packet, expecting the usual goodness, and instead find a disappointing row of partially melted Tim Tams coated in a sad layer of dark chocolate. So far, not impressed.

I pick one up and bite into...

...a crusty and very dry excuse for a Tim Tam.

I check the back of the packet to see where it was made... and I'm sorry to report, that yes, all my Indonesian friends (and family), Indonesia is the culprit! I take a closer at the packet and learn that it was developed especially for the South East Asia market. Maybe the humidity in that part of the world makes the Tim Tam's swell with moisture, in turn making them delicious? But in Tokyo, this is just not the case.  I wipe my fingers on a napkin, and stick the rest of the packet in the fridge.

South East Asian Tim Tam's anyone?


  1. we have this flavour but it tastes better . . like yum:)

  2. well thats good to know. i was very disappointed -_- lol why even bother!!

  3. now u kno why they were so cheap haha